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• I have read with interest for the last two weeks as people complained about Charter Cable’s new channel line-up. Once again, people choose to rant to the open sky, as it were, rather than try to address the actual participants. Let me share what my investigation found. The TV Guide is no longer available in analog — digital only. Apparently, there is no way for Charter to translate the channel to analog, or perhaps they do not care. There’s no conspiracy — simply a lack of effort on the part of the cable company.

• It looks like everybody has kind of run out of steam on the red-light cameras, but let me share what I have found out, just to reiterate what was in the paper. If you want to make a right turn on red, you may do so safely without incurring tickets. Simply stop before the safety line. If you cannot see if traffic is clear, then you may pull forward. Then you may look to see if the way is clear before turning. I have used this and I have no tickets.

• Congratulations to the Concord Choppers for winning the Knox County tournament. That was awesome.

Editor’s Note: The Concord Choppers is a 14 and under travel baseball team with Farragut Baseball, Inc.

• God help us if Peter Prins has any children [letter to the editor, July 15, 2010] if by example he teaches them that breaking traffic laws and endangering others is OK as long as you don’t get caught. How will he teach them not to cheat, steal or lie?

• I think it’s fine they’re doing something with the road [Kingston Pike] from Wendy’s on down. That’s a rough road and it’s been that way long enough. Do something about it.

• In response to Ms. [Pamela] Treacy’s statement to change “Buy in Farragut” to “buy local” — by her reasoning, we should change the name of the paper from farragutpress to localpress; the name of the schools from Farragut Elementary, Middle and High School to Elementary, Middle and High School; and businesses that use the name Farragut should change their name to “local” also.

• Kudos to the animal lover who took the injured cat to the veterinarian. You are a true humanitarian, and shame on the people who let their animals out every day to be maimed or killed because they’re too lazy to provide them with a litter box. I wonder how many animals have been killed. Oh, and to the person who’s getting tired of reading about injured animals — no one’s making you read these articles.

• It appears that Farragut has been blessed with not one, but two, men of great moral character. Mr. [Peter] Prins joins that other paragon of virtue and law and order, Mr. [Danny] Hodge [letter to the editor, June 17, 2010] in advocating doing away with red-light cameras because they don’t like to be caught. They couch their moral relativism in complete disregard for the health and safety of their neighbors under the guise of freedom. Gentlemen, you are free to break the law if you’re willing to face the consequences. Because freedom requires taking responsibility for your actions, whether caught by police or by the cameras.

• I just came home and read the letters to the editor that weigh in on red-light cameras, where the writer was vehemently against them. And I’d just like to mention that 10 minutes before reading this comment, I just came home from going through Grigsby Chapel [Road] and Campbell Station Road and at the traffic light, there was one big truck loaded with dirt and two cars that ran that red light crossing over. So if that individual is against the cameras, he needs to sit on that intersection and watch the reason the cameras are going in. I totally support them. Thank you.

• Please pick it up. As a pet owner who walks daily along the greenways, my pet and I are constantly avoiding piles of poo. There are some spots where there is a pile every few feet. Please remember that while your pet is beautiful and loving, his or her poop is full of bacteria and germs that can harm other animals. It is impossible to keep my pet away from a pile of droppings because she, like all dogs, is drawn to it like it’s a magical elixir. It is so easy to put some poop bags in your pocket and clean up after your dog does the business. Here are the simple steps: place your hand inside the empty bag, reach down and grab the poo with the bag, pull the bag sides around the poo and then remove the bag from your hand. Tie up the bag, carry it home and dispose of it. I use an outdoor waste container strictly for these bags because they do create quite an odor if thrown away indoors. Please help all of us pet lovers keep our animals healthy. Just pick it up.

• Once again, [The University of Tennessee] football players have been involved in a crime. This time, it was a very violent crime that seriously injured an off-duty Knoxville police officer and a civilian. These players, No. 1, need to be kicked off the team. No. 2, they need to be arrested and thrown in jail until their families can post bail. The University of Tennessee, under no circumstances, should post their bail. And why is there still any kind of question about the others involved being arrested? It’s called assault and battery; it’s called depraved indifference. It is violent crime. Just because they are UT football players does not mean they should get any kind of special treatment. Are you listening, District Attorney Randy Nichols? Are you listening for once? Listen to the people. Quit taking whatever from UT and the supporters. You’ve got to draw the line somewhere. Not everyone can be rehabilitated when they don’t think they did anything wrong.

• It’s my understanding that Greg Isaacs is going to be representing one of the football players from UT who beat up, or supposedly beat up, those two men at Bar Knoxville here last weekend or weekend before last. I’d like to know: is The University of Tennessee paying for this? If so, that is wrong on so many levels. They have hiked tuition several times over the past several years; they have reduced services to staff and students and they have laid off staff. I know the university brings in a lot of money because of UT athletics, but that does not give the players the right to go out and do whatever they want, whenever they want. Scholarships are earned, but they are a privilege; they are not an entitlement. And these men and women who think they are something special and should get special privileges just because of playing for UT need to grow up and get some ethics, morals and a conscience. And boosters, if you’re the ones paying for Greg Isaacs for this player, shame on you. Every single player who was involved in this travesty needs to be arrested, they need to be charged and they or their families need to be paying for their attorneys. Our tax dollars pay for The University of Tennessee. We do not need to have our tax dollars supporting and paying for violent behavior, criminal behavior — and that’s what this is.

• After reading the comments from two callers regarding the illegal sign that Pilot has on Campbell Station Road, I wonder why in the world would they claim the sign change was simply maintenance and then hire a high-priced lawyer to claim this? I also wonder why this has gone on for five or six years without Farragut forcing the illegal sign be replaced. In addition, I really wonder why our gubernatorial candidate, who owns part of Pilot, won’t just intervene and put a ground sign in like is required. Come on Pilot, have respect for Farragut ordinances.

• Via Having lived in [Farragut] for the past six years, I have always enjoyed the good friends and genuinely nice people in our neighborhood. Yesterday afternoon I had a little bit of my innocence ripped away from a disturbing individual. I always carefully obey the traffic laws in our neighborhood as we, as well as most of our friends, have several children. Well, upon leaving our house that is near the back of [my subdivision], an individual with her husband and child living midway through our neighborhood decided to pull out of their driveway in her [automobile] without even looking much at all. Even though I was only driving around 20-25 miles per hour, I coasted to within about 10 feet of her. Well, she decided to slam on her brakes and yell at me and my children for driving too close to her. It was almost laughable that this [woman] would be so unaware of her surroundings that she would actually almost cause two accidents (pulling out without looking and then slamming on her brakes) and then yell about everything being someone else’s fault. I basically did not know what to say as I thought she was actually stopping to apologize for her reckless driving. Sadly, she probably does not know that we recently had a child hurt in our neighborhood from another poor driver. I can only hope that if I see this lady at our neighborhood pool, she would have the courage to come up and admit that, perhaps, she overreacted and could herself be a much better driver. Our children’s lives are at stake every time we are behind the wheel. For her to be so oblivious is unfortunate and sad. Maybe her husband told her as much after she returned to her [automobile] since he did not budge when she slammed on her brakes. Oh well, as much as I love my neighborhood, I guess you cannot avoid having a few bad apples.

• Via e-mail: Regarding the Editor’s Note in the July 15 presstalk “The town of Farragut elected officials stated in public meetings the plantings in the calming islands were designed so as not to resemble the landscaping of the Parkside Drive islands. Town officials worried that larger plantings would disrupt the line-of-sight for drivers along Grigsby Chapel.” I’m sure that the dead twigs called bushes have zero chance of interfering with anyone’s seeing how the Town got taken by the landscaping contractor putting in inferior quality plantings including the now dead flowering ground cover. Of course, the grass clumps arranged in straight rows like the plugs on a bad hair implant job have survived to remind us how little artistry was employed in designing the plantings. Having these different plantings will give

the people entering this “gateway to Farragut” the proper impression of what this town is — as opposed to the live and well-cared-for plantings on the other side of Campbell Station which will be considered as an extension of the City of Knoxville — a place that appears to care about how it is viewed.

• Via e-mail: I just want all the merchants located in Farragut to know that I and my wife will not be coming to your stores and restaurants anymore because of the fascist Farragut government and their fee grabbing cameras. We have never gotten a camera ticket in Knoxville so we will go there.

• Via e-mail: I have a couple opinions to last week’s presstalk. First, I do think the Kingston Pike repaving needs to be done, a big "Thanks" to the Town for noticing that and getting it done. Second, we too are frustrated with Charter Cable. Three years ago we downsized from expanded (too costly) to basic. Then two months ago they raised our rates along with the elimination of the TV Guide (how absolutely dumb was that!). So I called them to ask about how I can get the TV Guide back. Not unless I wanted to upgrade to the HD, etc. version could I view it. No, I am not getting HD, etc. just to pay even more money; I can see my TV shows just fine without it. We pay enough as it is, plus have to deal with more and more commercials. Has anyone else noticed that? Charter was willing to give me a special for 12 months for expanded, so I took it. After 12 months we are going to satellite. We are done with the cable crap they are giving us. Just like the other writer stated last week! If more of us in the Charter viewing area would start downsizing or moving to satellite, maybe Charter would get some sort of hint. At least with satellite we have more options.

• Via e-mail: Why is the town of Farragut even considering roadwork on Kingston Pike when Campbell Station is still all torn up? You can bet it won't take only the 35 days they are speculating, and with school starting? Please give the residents of Farragut a break and do it after Campbell Station is done.

Editor’s Note: Repaving Kingston Pike is a Tennessee Department of Transportation project and not the town of Farragut’s. Kingston Pike is a state highway and not a Farragut maintained street.

• Via e-mail: I was driving eastbound on Grigsby Chapel [Road] this morning when I rounded a curve and saw the flashing lights and signage indicating that a crew was working on one of the traffic calming islands. I slowed down when I saw one of the workers sitting on a 5-gallon bucket near the edge of the island apparently doing some gardening. As I passed, he bent over to continue his work. Unfortunately, his shirt was not tucked in and he wore his pants a bit too low, so I got the full view of “gardener's crack.” Definitely not traffic calming!

• Via e-mail: I’m really surprised that [U.S.] Rep. [John J.] Duncan [Jr.] is so adamantly against red-light cameras and basic law and order. He claims, as was pointed out in farragutpress, that research shows increases in wrecks. Yet, if you look at the same material he cited, the research says differently. Duncan says the cameras are more or less bilking the public, yet fails to ever mention that if drivers obey the law, then there is no fine. How about supporting our police, Mr. Duncan, or suggest how we can put a traffic officer at each of the red-light intersections? Or will that mess up your campaign contributions?

• Via e-mail: Regarding the article last week on “Farragut EDC talks ‘Buy in Farragut’” — Why is Pamela Treacy on the Economic Development Commit-tee for the town of Farragut if she thinks “Buy in Farragut” is offensive?

• Via e-mail: I missed the opportunity to comment on the “Red, White & Blues” festival that was put on by the Farragut Business Alliance on July 2. BRAVO! It was a great event and a fun time had by all. It was wonderful to see friends and neighbors we are often too busy to keep in touch with. Families throwing frisbees in the open field, children laughing as they were sliding down the huge blowup slide or as ice cream dripped off their chins and people stomping their feet to some fabulous music was a night to long be remembered for this community. Farragut has long needed to further the community spirit and with this event, the Taste of Farragut and the [Independence Day] parade, things are headed in the right direction. Keep up the good work!!

• Via e-mail: As a small business owner I wish to respond to Mrs. [Pamela] Treacy’s statement about advertising in Maryville in the article “EDC Talks ‘Buy in Farragut’ Pros and Cons.” As a small business owner my advertising budget is very limited and I prefer to advertise locally in the farragutpress where I know that the people who see my ad are the ones that live in Farragut and will shop in Farragut. People in Maryville are not going to travel to Farragut to shop, just as the residents in Farragut are most likely not going to shop in Maryville, unless it is a specific destination purchase. The “Buy In Farragut” program is an efficient and cost effective way for me to draw attention to my business. It also ties the community together since the businesses come together in a common advertising effort. I have a suggestion — why doesn’t Mrs. Treacy advertise her store in Maryville and see how profitable it is as an experiment for the rest of the Farragut businesses and the town of Farragut. If her business goes up as a result, then perhaps it is something for the Town and other businesses to consider.

• Via e-mail: I would like to address the issues that were brought up in the “EDC talks ‘Buy in Farragut’ Pros and Cons” article in this past week’s farragutpress. I feel it is important that Farragut’s name continue to be connected to the marketing program. After all, Farragut is [what] is being promoted. Perhaps it could be changed to “Shop in Farragut,” but keep the name Farragut. I also agree with the suggestion that all the signs should be alike. This will make it easier for the consumer to recognize which stores are participating in the marketing program. It will also be a cleaner, less cluttered, more organized look for the town. As far as alienating the Hardin Valley shoppers, I do not feel this is an issue that will insult them. At this time the residents of Hardin Valley know that Hardin Valley is still growing and is, at the moment, not a major shopping destination. When it does become larger perhaps [it] can begin [its] own “Shop in Hardin Valley” campaign.


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