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Town releases red light stats

Town of Farragut announces the following statistics for the 2010 second quarter enforcement period of April 1 through June 30 for its Traffic Enforcement Program (red light violations).

Following are the highlights from this period:

• 7,213 incidents were recorded.

• 2,673 incidents were rejected by the reviewing officer.

• 662 incidents were not processed by Redflex due to technical issues or lack of information.

• 3,878 citations were issued.

The second quarter results are very similar to the 2010 first quarter results, with only 45 more incidents recorded and 358 more citations issued. The Traffic Enforcement Program averaged less than 43 citations per day, which is about 14 citations daily at each of the three monitored intersections. Each violation carries a maximum fine of $50.

At the discretion of Traffic Enforcement Program Manager Ben Harkins, more than 41 percent of the total recorded incidents were rejected. Although most were still violations of state law, they were considered very close calls or were due to such reasons as vehicles stopping a short distance over the stop bar that did not pose a traffic hazard, vehicles moving out of the way of an emergency vehicle, plates that were unidentifiable and weather related issues.

Citizens are asked to be aware that a right turn on red requires a “full and complete stop,” not a “rolling stop.” A “rolling stop” is not a stop, is a violation of Tennessee state law and may result in a citation. Harkins strongly urges anyone receiving a citation to review the video of the incident online before deciding what course of action they will take. Many citizens who believed they had stopped before turning right on red changed their minds after reviewing their video. The instructions for reviewing a video online are located on the citation.

Visit the Farragut Traffic Enforcement Program section on the town of Farragut’s Web site at for information about the red light system, receiving a citation and state of Tennessee traffic laws. For more information regarding the Traffic Enforcement Program and the 2010 second quarter statistics, contact Harkins at or 865-966-7057.


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