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• The calming islands on Grigsby Chapel [Road] in front of Weatherly Hills have just caused a three-car wreck. They were cutting down some trees and had to shut the lanes down completely, and three cars smashed into one another. Chalk up another wreck to the calming islands. Have a good day.

• I think we should have a no cell phone in the car ban in Farragut. Watching people on their cell phones and watching them weave between lanes, they are very dangerous. So we need to begin to pass something in Farragut that will prevent cell phone use while driving. Thank you.

• Via I have to agree with the recent comments regarding the landscaping of the calming islands on Grigsby Chapel Road. Taking the lowest bid on this job has obviously been a terrible mistake. These calming islands have the potential to enhance Grigsby Chapel Road but they have become eyesores. Anyone paying attention could have predicted the problem when, first, they filled them with a gravel-clay mixture instead of topsoil where plants and trees could flourish, and second, they chose plantings “on the cheap.” What’s the matter with plantings that partially obstruct the view of oncoming traffic? Let’s take a lesson from Turkey Creek and do it right!

• Via e-mail: Candidates and political parties, stop the “robo” calls or risk losing my vote.

• Via The section of Kingston Pike under discussion not only needed resurfacing badly, but is long overdue. Anyone headed north on Camp-bell Station Road crossing Kingston Pike gets a real bone shaker as Kingston Pike has some deep ruts in the pavement along there. But that complete section needed resurfacing. It is good to see Campbell Station Road is progressing very nicely at long last. There was no doubt that it needed widening.

• Via I am responding to the caller last week who talked about the cable company. I was one of the original callers about this. In neither my comment nor any of the others did anyone mention a “conspiracy” by the cable company. Why would the cable company need to be involved in a conspiracy in order to treat its customers badly? As the caller himself or herself indicated, it is simply a lack of effort on the part of the cable company. YES! And I think we already knew that the TV Guide channel is no longer available in analog, only digital, since it is only listed on their digital tier. And, yes, I did call the cable company prior to my first presstalk call. And they told me that they have no control over where the channels are located in their channel spectrum. Yeah, right. Give me a break.

• Via Speaking of calming islands, how about the “ultra calming islands” at Smith Road and Fox Den Lane. Talk about overkill. We have a four-way stop and calming islands. Maybe you could move the stop signs from there to Grigsby Chapel and St. Johns Court. They could really be used there. Also emergency vehicles are not equipped with wings. They have a very hard time getting through traffic, even when the passing lane is not obstructed. I often drive through there with some construction going on or other reasons for the road to be blocked and wonder what will happen when an emergency occurs. It’s very scary. I bet not one person that is responsible for this decision lives on this road. Safety was certainly not on the agenda when this planning took place although it is sold that way now. Another item being sold as a safety issue is the red light cameras. In the April issue of Reader’s Digest it quotes the Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration in Washington, D.C. saying adding one second to yellow lights reduce red-light violations by as much as 50 percent. Now you wonder just why did they reduce the caution light time when they installed the red light cameras? Anybody want to bet if these lights were installed for safety or money?

Editor’s Note: The caution, or yellow light, at each Farragut traffic signal has always been set at either four or four-and-a-half seconds depending on the intersection. According to a third party — not Redflex — the timing has not been reduced at any intersection from its original time and cannot be adjusted or influenced by a red-light camera system.


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