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• Since Kroger now is just allowing 35 gallons of gas with 10 cents per gallon off, when our $100 has been spent with Kroger, we use the 10 cents per gallon and then go to Wal-Mart and do the rest of our shopping. Our truck holds 44 gallons of gas. We miss out on a few gallons of gas, but that’s OK. By the way, Food City now is giving 15 cents off just over Campbell Station Road a little ways. We know numerous people now doing this. Thank you.

• Your article on the lack of recycling in Farragut was very disturbing. Here we are in a beautiful area, very fortunate, and most residents can’t be bothered with recycling? How’s that for good stewards? Folks, come on, this is an easy one.

• You know, it really amazes me, and it’s kind of a little frightening that in this day and age, and in an area like Farragut, the apparent amount of illiteracy in this area is as high as it is. Once again, I’m going down Campbell Station Road on my way to work and it’s during the school traffic hours and I can see and clearly read the big sign that says, “Turn lane for buses only” and, as every morning, there’s always a car, usually a minivan, that’s in the turning lane trying to turn into the school right past where the sign says, “Buses only.” And this morning the sheriff’s officer, doing his job, told them no and pointed them away, and the person got angry. Well, if this person is illiterate, someone needs to step up and help them. Because, after all, besides not setting a good example for their children and family, it is dangerous when you don’t obey traffic laws. All sarcasm aside, illiteracy is a problem in our country and it does need to be addressed, but so [does] the issue of people who think they are above the law and don’t have to obey the rules. Honestly, I think this person should have been ticketed, just like everyone else who runs red lights, including the red light cameras, speeds through school zones and so forth. We’re adults; we should be acting like them.

• Via I couldn’t help but notice that the Knox County high sheriff [J.J. Jones] and several Knox County deputies were busy playing security guards at the Knoxville Open for John Daly. I just have to wonder how many police reports we’ll see in your newspaper from those days while the boys are out playing on the taxpayers’ nickel. I didn’t think we elected a sheriff to police commercial events.

• Via WE DO!! We are a family of six with three boys, ages 7, 9 and 13, and a daughter, age 18. We do not pay for curbside recycling, we use the recycling center near Saplings and I am thankful they are there and so convenient! I include my kids in the effort. They rinse plastics, break down cereal boxes, etc. and place them in cardboard boxes in our garage. They also accompany me to the recycling center and help separate our items into the dumpster bins. They are helping me AND learning about our responsibility to do what we can to help Our Earth. I can tell you that with recycling, our curbside garbage is reduced by half or more!! We can put our cart at the curb every OTHER week. Our neighbors, with the same number of family members, normally cannot close their garbage cart and have several bags outside the cart EACH week. I also store compost material in my freezer and take it to my mother’s home every so often to put in her compost bin. I cook at home using as little pre-packaged items as I feel comfortable with (I do need to save time to keep up with everyone’s other needs). It is well worth the effort and I am proud to say that we are doing something to help preserve resources for my children and their future families. I don’t think recycling will become widespread unless it is made mandatory. I can see the reluctance to PAY for home pick-up. We struggle financially just like the next guy, but hauling it away yourself is just as rewarding!!

• Via e-mail: In response to the presstalk comment about Farragut High and Middle schools grounds, we, parent volunteers, agree that the school grounds can have an impact on our students’ attitude inside the classroom. Over the years, a select few volunteers, including our principals, teachers and students, have dedicated many hours towards improving the Farragut schools grounds. When considering the number of parents with children in the Farragut schools, those willing to help [have] been minimal. Knox County Schools provide as much assistance to the exterior of our schools as possible with [its] limited budget. It is well known that Knox County is struggling to maintain our wonderful principals, teachers, assistants, custodians and office staff. Understand-ably, pulling weeds is not at the top of their priority list. So, in answer to your question, unless taxes are increased, the responsibility to improve our school grounds is that of the community. We are so happy to know that others, like [you], are willing and able to help improve our Farragut school campuses. In case you are interested, the PTAs have open positions for their grounds coordinator to organize group efforts. You may contact the school office for further information. Anyone, including non-PTA members, is welcome to pull weeds, sweep, and remove debris at their convenience. Volunteering at the schools can be very rewarding, as the staff and students are very appreciative. By now you have seen the improvements that a “few” of us have made. We hope you appreciate our efforts. Thankfully, we are fortunate to have help from our town of Farragut Public Works Department. Many thanks to Bud McKelvey and his staff on the recent mulch delivery for the outdoor classroom and Farragut Intermediate School playground. We also applaud [Heather] Karnes, FMS principal, and [Mary] Pruitt, FMS teacher, for their excellent weeding jobs! Once again, please join us, it is a community effort!

• Via e-mail: These comments are directed to the dog owners of Village Green residing on and near Old Tavern Circle. The increased barking of the many dogs left out in the yards has become very annoying to your neighbors. Your dogs bark in the morning, afternoon, evening and all night when left out. Please demonstrate some increased respect for the residents of what was once a tranquil neighborhood by taking the initiative to keep your dogs quiet.

• Via e-mail: I applaud farragutpress for offering this venue for open dialogue on community issues. I would like to compliment Mr. [Sherman] Patterson’s petition of [Farragut Municipal Planning Commission] to remove the Campbell Station road “right turn on red after stop sign” at Grigsby Chapel Road. I am an opponent of the red-light cameras not because I am against safety, not because I’ve been cited, but because they are an impediment to traffic flow, a hazard, and are an affront to personal liberty. The ’press seems to side with the Town judging by the biased answers to letters written in the presstalk section. For example when a writer poses the simple question: “where’s the stats on accidents now compared to accidents before the installation of the cameras? You answer that the stats are posted on the Town Web site. For the life of me all I can find is the number of “incidents,” not accidents. So, I will ask the question that we’d all like to hear: How many accidents, whether pedestrian, bicyclist or auto occurred prior to and after the installation of these cameras? I, like many other residents, am skeptical. I think the Town may have originally installed these cameras after a red-light company sold them on the promised revenues, and now that the heat is on the Town wants to “give all the money away.” This makes no sense. Come on people; represent us. Get your egos out of the way and take the cameras down!

Editor’s Note: According to information released from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office, the town of Farragut has seen a decrease in total accidents at its three traffic enforcement intersections for the first six months of 2010 as compared with the first six months of 2009, when cameras were not yet in operation. The total number of accidents from January to June 2009 was 31; the total from January to June 2010 was nine. Following is the breakdown by intersection: January to June 2009: Kingston at Campbell Station:18; Kingston at Concord: 6; and Kingston at Smith: 7. January to June 2010: Kingston at Campbell Station: 4; Kingston at Concord:1; Kingston at Smith: 4.

• Via e-mail: We’ve been recycling for two years now with a container the size of our trash can. It fills up quicker than our trash can and for a family of five, I can personally vouch for the idea of saving our landfills. I would really like to see more of my neighbors participate and I assume many would with continued emphasis by our Town officials, business owners, homeowners associations, and other community organizations. The company that we use offers incentives to recycle too in the form of gift certificates and coupons awarded once per quarter.

• Editorial freedom is a wonderful concept, but it does come with its responsibilities. With that in mind, the farragutpress has developed policies that will be followed regarding the publication of presstalk comments:

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