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• If you check the latest farragutpress crime reports, it looks like one Farragut department store has already been impacted by the newly-renamed “Shop Farragut” campaign. But instead of just encouraging people to buy in Farragut, it appears that crooks have re-branded the campaign “Shoplift Farragut.” Maybe it’s time the city re-brand its public safety by creating its own police force.

• I would just like to thank Horne Broadcasting for bringing back the Scott Shannon Oldies Show. I certainly encourage everyone to take a listen. It’s a great program and a really interesting guy who has a lot of insight into the rock and roll acts of 20 and 30 years ago. Thank goodness he’s back on the air.

• Hi. As a Farragut resident, I would totally support and participate in a Farragut community center. I went to one recently; check out Terinton community center online. I think it’s www. It’s terrific; there are activities for all ages, including the awesome pool and lazy river. I’ve never seen anything like it. Please, people, this is our community, so let’s get a Farragut community center going in our community. Thanks.

• In today’s busy world, it’s nice to be able to find a little humor in our local paper. Last week, while pondering term limits, [Alderman] Bob Markli first stated he doesn’t have a problem with [former Mayor] Eddy Ford running for the Board again, even though Ford served 29 straight years. But moments later he claims, quote, “In eight years, you’d get comfortable and start to feel you are that office. Twelve years, golly, that’s a career ... kind of a hegemony.” I wonder if he really understands why his pal Eddy was voted out of office or what hegemony means. It means domination, power or control. And after 29 years, people had grown weary of the hegemony Eddy had over Farragut. So, by golly, if Markli sticks with his flip-flops, he will surely be remembered for giving us something to laugh about. Thanks, Bob. You’ve made my day.

• I would like to make a comment to the caller who commented about the buses in the turn lane [at the Farragut Primary School] and how illiterate the drivers were who saw that. I just wanted to say, or point out, that perhaps it’s not just the drivers that are illiterate. Did you notice that for a few days, or maybe even a week, the sign read “busses,” b-u-s-s-e-s, “only in the turn lane.”

• Don’t be too quick to judge your neighbors. If you don’t see recycle bins, it could be they are taking their recycle materials to the free drop-off at Kingston Pike. I see many people from Farragut there. I was surprised to see [inaudible] that communities couldn’t handle the volume of recycled materials and were just dumping it. Now that it can be handled, I recycle. It’s quite amazing how little trash I put out on the curb. Thank you.

• Yes, I’m calling to make a comment about the traffic in the morning on Grigsby Chapel [Road]. I’m hoping that the school will be able to make some changes to their procedure in the morning because it is absolutely unbearable to drive between 7:30 and 8 a.m. in the morning. It took me — I live off Grigsby Chapel and it took me 25 minutes to get from my house to the intersection because of the school traffic and the islands. So I think the school needs to make some changes so that people can use their road. Thank you.

• Via Last week’s FP stated perhaps we of Farragut did not need a recreational center after all since it was deemed not enough people showed up to the meeting to support the recreation center. That, my friend, looks more like an excuse not to build it. I read this with great sadness and conflict. I choose not to get the local newspaper, therefore I was not aware we had to be there to be counted in as interested. Of course we need it. We the people have been voicing this request for “years” but do you hear? Nothing is being done for us who live in the town of Farragut. Time’s a wasting, if your goal is to promote friendliness and community why would you even ask if we need the center? Most towns have a community building or center of some sort. Prepare it and watch who will come. If it’s managed well and offers activities for ALL age levels at free or nominal cost to the public you will see it will be worth it. Look at the turn-out we have for our dinky little 3rd of July parade! See, we want to be a friendly town but we are held back due to there not being any place we can go other than the nice parks, but you don’t get to know each other very well in that setting. Hopefully the recreation center will be built with its citizens in mind, a place where the community can come together to visit, relax, stroll, participate in activities and enjoy each other and living in Farragut in a safe environment. I don’t think Farragut was designed with friendliness in mind. There is no defining center of town unless you consider it Town Hall! There are no sidewalks that connect neighborhoods, there are no benches placed anywhere along the streets for those who are able to walk to take a rest. None of the shopping areas have benches so one can sit and enjoy their day ... no this is not a very friendly town at all. You hear how people are always in a hurry these days but what is done to promote a slower pace? Everyone seems to be in a rush to get to the next stop on their agenda. If you want to be an inviting town a simple thing like a community center and enough benches placed around town will deliver that. More than likely the exclusion of benches is based on expense, why not let there be sponsorships to adopt a bench. Hopefully this recreation center will be built [soon] in the center of Farragut. Make our town a place that we never want to leave or need to for something fun to do. I hope you’re listening.

Editor’s Note: The statements the caller attributes to farragutpress were made by Alderman Bob Markli, not farragutpress. Town staff recently installed benches at several locations throughout Town and most neighborhoods are linked together by walking trails rather than sidewalks.

• Via The town of Farragut is inconsistent with [its] policing of the business usage rules and business signage codes. Case in point, the business at the corner of Watt and Fleenor roads, just north of Kingston Pike, had a huge “yard sale” all day, Friday, Sept. 3, and all day, Saturday, Sept. 4. The man conducting the “yard sale” mentioned that he had brought in several truckloads of goods from a pawnshop he also runs on Highway 321 in Lenoir City. Practically every week I read in the farragutpress where a business wants to hold outdoor sales, sidewalk sales, etc. and cannot because of Farragut Codes pertaining to businesses. This business constantly violates the outdoor storage rules because at any one time a truck, a bobcat, a boat, etc. is out front of the business for sale, sometimes with flat tires. There are also nonconforming signs. Is the town of Farragut going to enforce the rules for businesses, or just let some do as they please? The answer to this question will be answered by our officials’ actions and we business people will be watching.

Editor’s Note: There have been no businesses before the Town in recent months that have requested permits for sidewalk or outdoor sales.

• Via e-mail: I am writing in regards to what happened Sept. 1 when I went to pick up my daughter from her first full day of kindergarten at Farragut Primary [School]. I followed the directions that my child’s teacher had given me, based on the Knox County Schools Web site. Since I could not turn left into the school, I went down Grigsby Chapel Road, waited until the light was green, and then turned right onto Campbell Station Road so that I could make a right turn into the school. The majority of cars in front of me and behind me were also waiting to turn into the school. My turn signal was on, clearly indicating my intent to turn. The sheriff’s deputy assigned to that area became very irate, gestured and screamed at me that I could not block the travel lane and threatened to write me a ticket. I observed him yelling at several other drivers as well. Tell me Mr. Deputy, what else am I supposed to do? I am following the proper procedure for picking up my child. I would GLADLY send my 5-year-old home on the school bus if that service were provided for the 1 p.m. kindergarten dismissal. Thankfully she rides the bus in the morning so I don’t have to sit through that nightmare twice a day. Shame on TDOT for not having the mess on Campbell Station Road completed and shame on that deputy for his behavior in such a stressful situation for everybody involved. Perhaps the sheriff’s department should invest in an anger management program for some of its employees. Thank you.

• Via e-mail: I live in Farragut (have for 25 years now) and love reading farragutpress online. My comment is why are the police reports hidden? I always have to do a search for them. Why not put another menu item for them? They’re very popular ... I work in Oak Ridge and we all read and talk about them. Why make it so hard? Thanks!

Editor’s Note: Police reports, when available, are always found on page 2 of our print edition. Online, Police Reports are accessed via our “News” button.

• Via e-mail: If you do not live in the neighborhoods off Smith Road or have to take your child to a school off Smith Road in order to get yourself to Turkey Creek, I-40, etc. PLEASE USE CAMPBELL STATION ROAD or WATT ROAD! You have no business locking up this road thinking you have a shortcut!

Editor’s Note: Smith Road is a town of Farragut road maintained with public money.

• Via e-mail: Thank you to all the sponsors and organizations responsible for bringing the Knoxville Open/Nationwide to the town of Farragut. However, I think the residents would really appreciate you moving this event to summer. Traffic was terrible on Smith Road during this event. Commuters were completely stressed out trying to get their children to/from school.

Editor’s Note: Sources say the event again will take place in the latter part of August 2011.

• Via Alright, who said adding a traffic light to a roundabout was a good idea? Really, what were they thinking? The people of East Tennessee seem to have enough trouble navigating the roundabout under normal circumstances … who stops, who yields, etc. … Now no one has a clue. I know this for a fact, as I have had plenty of time waiting to pass through, watching the people start/stop/start/etc. as they negotiate the roundabout and new traffic signal. I wonder if the construction plan included a period of time to test traffic patterns or volumes. It would be simple to put down traffic strips to count cars and then adjust timing accordingly. What did the tests show? Has any construction worker sat through the line in any direction to see if it was correctly timed?

• Via It is poorly implemented at best… I travel through the roundabout on Northshore (without needing to turn onto Concord) every morning about 7 a.m. and evening about 5 p.m. It has not been less than 20 additional minutes each time. Not to mention, there is no reason the Northshore traffic should have to wait for an 8-10 minute red light just to pass straight through! There are so few cars turning onto Concord or coming south from Concord in the morning that there is no need to even have the signal in place. This morning my daughter was late for school and I for work! Actually, we would have been even later but the dozen cars ahead of me at the eastbound Northshore red light decided they too were late and proceeded through the ridiculously empty roundabout regardless of the traffic signal. Thank God! That was the best part of the whole experience. Who knows, I may still be waiting there … .

• Via OK, in response to your questions on [The construction on Concord Road] will add 20-plus minutes to my commute (best case); I will have to seek alternate routes unless everyone is willing to proceed regardless of the signal. The route is un-useable at this time; The route will affect my commute to Oak Ridge not Farragut schools; I know motorists do not know what to do at the intersection because I see it every day! Here are a few questions for you … How long will this be in place? Who can we talk to about this joke of a project? Thank you for any help you may provide!


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