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Vandals strike multiple Town targets

An Everett Road resident, a senior citizen on a “fixed income,” said she can’t afford $437 to repair graffiti vandalism damage to her fence.

Wanda Floyd, a retiree, said her insurance includes “a $1,000 deductible, and this isn’t going to pay to get that cleaned up.”

Adding clean-up and repair expenses after saying her sun room was “flooded” by heavy weekend rain, Floyd added, “I just really can’t afford to replace [the fence], so I guess I’ll be looking at it.”

Assuming the vandals are youth, Floyd said, “If I can find out, those kids are going to pay” for damage to her relatively new $7,000, 8-foot-tall wooden fence forming an L-shape at the corner of Kingston Pike and Everett Road.

“I’m assuming it is because of what they wrote on it.

“I think it’s pretty bad that their parents don’t watch them enough to know what their kids are doing,” she added.

Another fence section was spray-painted with non-legible writing in what appears to be red paint.

Floyd said she talked to “a guy” down at Dixie Lee Wine & Liquors, also a recent graffiti victim. “He said they didn’t get enough on the surveillance,” but added he did notice “big guys.”

A small section of an adjacent 6-foot-tall, roughly 200-foot long fence belonging to her neighbor, Steve Crowe, also had a bit of graffiti.

“This is the first time I’ve seen it … at least in our area,” said Crowe, adding he’s lived at his current home for eight years. “I may be somewhat naïve, but I haven’t noticed [graffiti] very much throughout Farragut.”

Floyd said she’s offering compensation for help.

“I would give a reward if somebody would tell who they think did that,” she said.

Floyd said she was first made aware of the damage Friday, Sept. 3, when “one of the neighbors called me and told me.”

It’s happened to Floyd before.

“About 10 years ago we had somebody do it, and [they wrote] ‘have a happy day,’ and we never bothered it and it finally faded off,” she said. “I just always figured it was kids.”


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