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Recycling efforts

Thank you for your Aug. 26 article “Recycle? Who Recycles?”

I just wanted to let you know of some efforts that are underway right here in Farragut at Mercy Medical Center West.

I help coordinate our Champion Green initiatives at the hospital. As you can imagine, medical centers have huge opportunities to make a positive impact on our environment by recycling and reducing our carbon footprint.

As a system, Mercy Health Partners is implementing single stream recycling, encouraging the reduction of paper use, and last year eliminated bottled water from all meetings.

Our campus has been recycling toner cartridges and batteries for two years. We will soon be posting reminders for staff and guests to reduce their use of some of the things we take for granted such as water and paper.

Ours may be the last generation to take our consumption for granted. I am glad this is a priority for the community in which I live and work.

Brad Hood, Chaplain

Mercy Medical Center West

‘Bailout’ response

I have been reading, with growing dismay, the responses in the ’Press to the decision of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to help with the repair of the storm drainage system located in the Farm at Willow Creek. I believe many of these responses are because the public has been misinformed on the situation. Let me try to clarify it.

The farragutpress reported this as a “bail-out” for the neighborhood. Let me assure you, nothing could be further from the truth. This is a stabilization project for Evans Road — plain and simple.

Many are unaware that a very large and dangerous sinkhole approximately 5–7-feet deep and 5 feet in circumference opened up on Evans Road earlier this year and Evans Road had to be closed for repair. There was quite a bit of evidence this was caused by a faulty drainage system in our neighborhood. This drainage system design and construction was approved and inspected by the Town powers in 2004 and 2005. The Town also, at the developer’s request, discarded the need for the original design element of a retention pond liner. The political reasons for some of the decisions would take too long to explain here.

No one knows for certain until the drainage system is dug up and examined what is causing the Evans Road failure. The residents have been watching the land within the subdivision show signs of underground problems along the drainage system for nearly three years — beginning with the little washout under the sidewalk on Evans Road back in January 2008. Since a road collapse within the neighborhood four years ago and the subsequent repair, there has not been a road failure within the neighborhood. The town of Farragut, though, has closed a section of one of our neighborhood roads and has also refused building permits to those lot owners who want to build near the drainage system. This has severely impacted the development of our neighborhood. There are approximately 40 lot and homeowners in the subdivision.

The biggest concern for all has been and remains the safety of Evans Road.

Kim Pannell


‘Taste’ accounting

I have attended every “Taste of Farragut” since it started and I will be attending this year’s event.

I have enjoyed them all. Since the organizers expect this year to be a record attendance, there will obviously be a record income and profit this year.

Since the city of Farragut is a sponsor and promoter of the event, I believe there should be a public accounting of the event and where the profits are spent by the Farragut Business Alliance.

Richard Waldbauer


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