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• Hey, everyone, Horne Radio has brought the Scott Shannon True Oldies program back to Farragut and Knoxville! It’s on an AM station now, 670, but I can hear it all over West Knox. It’s also on Horne’s 98.3 FM in Sweetwater, and I can hear that up here in Farragut as well. Thanks Horne Radio. Scott is great radio.

• We recently saw on television, the news channel, that over $75 million of fake look-a-like name-brand drugs sold in the United States each year. Also with this, there are look-a-likes in generics. I received a refill on a name brand drug, and some of these was [sic] a lighter color than what I had been getting. There was [sic] three out of 30 that my prescription amounted to. Now we want to let you know this: don’t let the pharmacy know where you live and outside of Farragut. Try buying your drugs in Lenoir City and Clinton Highway or anywhere you could go. And I’ll guarantee you that you’ll save 30 to 40 percent. But when they find out you live in Farragut, they’ll raise the price for some reason; I don’t know. All the drug stores are greedy. We have experienced this on numerous occasions and think the prescriptions outside of Farragut [sic] and save hundreds of dollars each year doing this. Thank you very kindly.

• I’m calling in response to the comments on the construction at Concord Road and Northshore [Drive]: I really don’t see it as a problem. But then again, I don’t go that way. Thank you.

• I really have to express my disappointment in farragutpress for running such an erroneous article on school coupon books without seeking the facts first. This article seeks to give the impression that the coupon books on sale now are an attempt to trick people into buying counterfeit school coupon books and steal money that should rightfully be going to Knox County Schools. Perhaps the correspondent should have told how Knox County Schools were the ones to bail out of the school coupon book program and then decided to copy an existing program that’s proven itself for over 15 years now. The East Tennessee School Coupon Books on sale now are the same great books that students have been selling for over a decade; they are not a new creation. And the money made on them goes to support that student’s school. It’s a shame that Knox County School system has resorted to deceitful tactics in the hopes of depriving smaller schools of their chance to improve the resources available to them. As for me, I would encourage students to buy more of the original East Tennessee School Coupon Books. The Knox County School system already has more than enough resources at its disposal, most of which are paid with our tax dollars. Thanks.

Editor’s Note: Knox County Schools students are selling “The Original Knox County Schools Coupon Book,” not the “East Tennessee School Coupon Book.”

• I really do appreciate presstalk, and I do wish you would please stop printing all these long, long speeches that people are writing in and leave room for other comments, or other things that are going on in our town of Farragut. And I would like to see some benches put around Town so when I’m walking, I can sit down and rest because it’s very difficult for me to walk for long periods of time. And I’d like for us to have some kind of recreation center, and a place where seniors could go. I know there’s one at Lovell, but we need something down here farther in our Town. There’s lots of seniors out here. But I really appreciate this paper, but please stop printing these — I mean, some of these people, I don’t believe they could possibly give messages in the seconds that you say that we can talk — and all these long editorials they put in. But thank you, farragutpress.

• Recently, a friend who lives in Kingston told me, “I know I’m in Farragut when I see the beautiful stacked-stone sign at the library at the park.” That’s what branding is all about. So I hope the Board [of Mayor and Aldermen] uses its collective wisdom to reject the Economic Development Committee’s less attractive and easily-vandalized anchor sign, and instead select a sign that people in Farragut and all over East Tennessee already identify with the Town. Let’s not go the route of new Coke.

• I really appreciate the article in the ’press about the senior development, senior community development. And I hope that will be pursued. I have really thought about something like that and would love to see something like that in our area. Thanks.

• Via e-mail: On Tuesday morning [Aug.] 31, I was on Kingston Pike driving my child to school when a dark color, maybe navy, truck came barreling up behind me — school traffic has been really slow — so when he couldn’t get around me on the left he swerved into the right lane, he was driving too fast for Kingston Pike. As he passed me he made an obscene gesture with his hand. Unfortunately, my child was riding in the passenger seat and saw the gesture seemingly directed at her. If anyone sees a dark color flat-bed truck, with a big American flag decal on the tailgate, a handicap tag on the rear view mirror, driven by older man with glasses, tell him: “Shame on you.” My kid didn’t need to see that and slow down in school traffic.

• Via e-mail: I was very disappointed to see the “Response to Community Center Survey Low” article last week. I’m not sure who you surveyed — I’ve never gotten one. I have been advocating for a community center since I moved to Farragut 10 years ago, and everyone I talk to agrees we need one. Our town doesn’t have a “downtown” area in which to meet and build community. We are urban sprawl, very disconnected. A community center would help bring people together for various events and make them feel part of something bigger than themselves. Farragut has met the needs (through government and private) for parks, historical statues, dance, gymnastics, ice sports, shopping, martial arts and fitness. We are still in need of an aquatics center, amphitheater and multi-purpose room. Our local high school swim teams have nowhere to practice, even with the new Jefferson Park YMCA here in Farragut. There is such a need for pool time, that the Y cannot accommodate local swim teams. They have to go outside the community to The University of Tennessee, Lenoir City, Oak Ridge and Maryville College, with some having to practice at 10 p.m. We also do not have a local theater for local groups or to bring groups in. A big multi-purpose room would be great to accommodate trade shows, community parties or anything else. I’m shocked that local businesses wouldn’t be interested in bringing more people into Farragut. When people come to Farragut for swim teams, performances, classes, trade shows, parties, etc., they will drive through our fast food places on the way home, or plan to eat out before a performance, or buy groceries and shop while their kid is at a practice, event, club or meeting — we’ve all done this. I think you should advertise that the community has a certain time frame — a month, to come to the Farragut Town Hall and fill out a form OR e-mail ONE person, voicing their opinion on a community center, and see what kind of response you would get. I know I would do it, and I think a lot of others would too.

Editor’s Note: The survey was conducted by the Town Community Center Study Committee, not farragutpress. Advertising and promoting the survey would be the sole responsibility of that committee. YMCA is not located in Farragut.

• Via Shame on the Tennesseans who produce more trash than the national average. Shame on the people who litter our roadsides. Shame on the Board members who do not recycle. It may help matters if one of your reporters could produce a story about how recycling works and the products that are made from recycled materials. Our household trash has diminished by two-thirds since we started aggressively recycling. There should be fines as in other states and communities for those who throw recyclables out with the trash and for littering. Maybe that would be a “two-for-one” way to fund the coffers at Town Hall. Why can’t we be a statistic of responsible citizenry instead of a statistic of litterbugs or “Trash” people?

• Via e-mail: Kudos to the company that resurfaced Kingston Pike from [BB&T Bank] to [Jamestowne Boulevard]. What company was that? They did a great job with minimal disruption to traffic. Most area residents likely never encountered any of the activities involved.


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