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Back in flight
HVA 2010-2011

At 8:15 on the first day of school at Hardin Valley Academy, we knew this year would be unlike the past. From the first moment of walking in the doors, the overwhelming amount of students came as a surprise to many. Mrs. Reynolds, the principal, recalls seeing “wall to wall, front to back kids. It was exciting!”

As of Aug. 31, 1,966 students are enrolled at HVA. There are 435 seniors, 564 juniors, 510 sophomores, and 457 freshmen. Most people definitely can tell a difference in the amount of people. Junior Tori Strother is one of them. “It’s a bit claustrophobic in the hallways, but at least it’s good to know that more people are benefitting from our special academic programs,” she explained. In addition to the overload of new students, 31 new teachers and nine interns have been added to the role, making a grand total of 150 employees and administrators. There are now four assistant principals (one to be head of each academy), leaving Mrs. Reynolds to look over all of them.

On top of crowded hallways and classrooms, parking is already an issue, even with upperclassmen. Within the first two weeks of school, all 666 parking passes were sold. Many people will be waiting until the beginning of November to have a parking space, after the marching band does not need the practice space any more.

To help students not feel like canned sardines, a new program has been put in place. The first is 7 a.m. classes. There are twelve classes per semester offered at 7 in the morning. These students then have permission to leave school at 2.

Another program that has been created is Enrichment. After learning about Enrichment from an independent school district in Illinois, the principals decided it would be a good program for HVA. Three times per week, students will go to a scheduled activity of their choice for forty minutes. Such activities include cooking, flag football, test prep, and Wii tournaments; however, having the choice is a privilege, and bad grades lead to mandatory study hall during this time. Freshmen have certain skill related classes to attend, to learn several ways of how to be successful in high school. Those who take 7 a.m. classes have the choice on whether to take Enrichment or not. While attendance is mandatory for those who sign up, grades are not given in this program.

Many people would argue that having so many new students this year poses a big challenge, but Mrs. Reynolds begs to differ. “I look at any challenge as an opportunity,” she said. “Hardin Valley is a great place. The students are dedicated to bettering themselves, and our teachers are absolutely awesome! They love our kids!” There is nothing better than starting a new school year off with a great attitude, and Mrs. Reynolds certainly has one of the best (if not the best) in this whole school!


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