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Wild Wing Cafe
Farragut one of the busiest locations nationwide

One Farragut restaurant owner counts a diversified view of his audience as a large part of his success.

David McFarland, franchise owner of Wild Wing Café, said, “I think what has made us successful is diversifying our market. We do a bluegrass night on Tuesday nights; we’ve done bike nights on Wednesdays.”

“People ask me, ‘Who comes to Wild Wing Café?’ and ... when they ask me that, I have to look at my watch: ‘What time is it?’”

“At 11 o’clock, we have folks coming in here from lunch — from construction workers to people from the town of Farragut, to people taking a lunch break from Turkey Creek. At dinner we get a lot of large parties ... and a lot of families. That’s the biggest part of our business, is families,” McFarland said.

“Then you go into the late night, and we have something going on — from live entertainment to some of those other promotions.

“There’s something for everybody,” he added.

McFarland estimated the Farragut location of Wild Wing Café is in the top five of 36 restaurants in the nation, largely based in the southeast.

“We’ve had a great welcome here,” he said.

The Knoxville area community was part of what attracted McFarland to Farragut in the first place.

“I was looking around and I just fell in love with Knoxville, the energy from the University, a lot of culture and diversity but still just an all-American town,” McFarland said.

“I fell in love with the people,” he added.

McFarland said he felt Farragut was a great fit for Wild Wing Café.

The restaurant’s success “has a lot to do with Farragut, finding this spot right next to Turkey Creek, but not being a part of Turkey Creek.

“It all starts with our food, but our location does help. But we do a lot of great promotional things here using our pond,” McFarland said. That pond is one of the most unique characteristics of Wild Wing, and is at the center of many of the restaurant’s special events.

“One of the big things we do is the rail jam on Thursday night. With all of the boat manufacturers in the area, there’s a huge wakeboard community,” McFarland said.

“We’ve been a good fit with each other,” he added.

Wakeboarding contests are popular events at Wild Wing, but the restaurant also has special events for other groups, including the Ta-Ta Tour, a motorcycle ride that raises money for breast cancer awareness and which kicks off from Wild Wing Café.

McFarland said his success, while due in part to location and popular community events, is largely due to a larger business philosophy.

“People come into a place and they have expectations; I just try to give them more than they’re expecting,” McFarland said.

“It’s challenging sometimes, but it’s what we do,” he added.

McFarland said his main challenge at Wild Wing has been the lack of parking at his location, but said the town of Farragut and Knox County Sheriff’s Office both had been helpful.

“Those guys have been great partners of ours, for sure,” McFarland said.

Wild Wing Café is open from “11 a.m. until,” McFarland said.

For more information, call Wild Wing at 865-777-9464 or visit


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