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Pryse Cottages propose changes

Farragut’s residential growth is due in large part to just one subdivision under construction off McFee Road — the Cottages at Pryse Farm.

Community Development Director Ruth Hawk said the subdivision, which so far consists of attached dwellings, is so popular that only one unit currently is available.

“My wife and I are thinking of downsizing ... and this place is way up on our list,” Mayor Ralph McGill said at the FMPC meeting.

“It’s a beautiful place,” he added.

Ken Russell came before Farragut Municipal Planning Commission Thursday, Sept. 19, to request a change in the concept plan for the subdivision.

“We had planned to have duplexes along the road, but what we found was that a lot of the folks wanting to buy homes don’t want to live in a duplex,” Russell said.

“They feel like they’re too close to somebody. So we’ve taken the duplexes and split them apart and put 10 feet between them.

“We think we’re going to sell all six of them in a few weeks, as soon as we get the ‘Go’ on them,” he added.

The Cottages at Pryse Farm is a showpiece for design, Hawk said, specifically noting the subdivision’s rain gardens.

“We closed on nine of those 10 [already-constructed units] within 48 hours of getting our certificates of occupancy,” Russell said.

“Yes, you did,” Hawk said.

Russell said the new concept will keep the same number of dwellings, but rather than being attached, some of the homes will be changed to be single family, detached dwellings.

“This is really consistent with the design of the subdivision,” Russell said.

Hawk said the situation was setting a precedent because it involved changing a subdivision concept plan in the middle of development.

She recommended FMPC members encourage subdivision developers check that changes to subdivision concepts be acceptable to all homeowners before those changes are made.

“You don’t just buy your unit, you buy the theme of the whole development,” Hawk said of buying a home in a subdivision.

FMPC members eventually decided Russell didn’t need unanimous homeowner approval of any changes he might make, but that homeowners did need to be aware of changes.

A motion to allow changes was unanimously approved.

FMPC also approved an amendment to the preliminary plat for The Cottages at Pryse Farm that would reduce the number of attached dwelling units and increase the number of detached dwelling units.

In other business, FMPC:

• Approved a resolution of appreciation for the Local Planning Assistance Office

• Approved an amendment to Farragut Zoning Ordinance to reduce front yard setback requirements on local streets


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