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letter to the editor
A warning to parents

Please warn parents and volunteers to be extremely careful when they (or their children) are out selling products and/or seeking donations for charitable organizations. Currently Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts are selling popcorn, and [now] children all over Knox County [are] selling coupon books.

I am very concerned that someone (especially a child) might get hurt.

On Sunday afternoon, Sept. 19, my son and I were selling popcorn for his Boy Scout troop in front of the Kroger at 9305 Kingston Pike when our donation jar was stolen.

A man and woman came out of the store. The man walked out to the parking lot while the woman approached us. She stood around the table looking at the popcorn and asking questions for 5-10 minutes. She said she needed to wait to see what the man who’d come out of the store with her wanted, but didn’t know where he’d walked off to. I said he’d like whatever flavor she picked. Then she said, “I can’t decide. So I’ll just take this!” She grabbed our donation jar and ran around the back of the building.

My leg is in a brace due to a bicycle accident last month. So I couldn’t run after her.

I don’t know for sure how much was in the jar. It was a large glass pickle jar and was full. With the very generous donations we’d received there had to be well over $150 in the jar, possibly close to $200.

The woman was probably in her mid-40s (but looked older). She was about 5-feet [tall] and slender, short gray hair. Sunday she was wearing jeans and a short-sleeve white striped shirt. She’ll be hard to miss. She has several tattoos including a large one on her neck ... .

We reported this to the police when it happened. The Knoxville Police Department report number is 10-037132.

Please ask parents to be very careful. I am concerned that if she is desperate enough to steal from a Boy Scout, she might hurt someone.

Brenda Koch

Knox County


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