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• After reading the comment from the caller who defended the proposed anchor logo sign against the library park sign, I at first thought they made a strong case. But being a curious person, I began to have my doubts when I noticed a few things that didn’t add up. I noticed the Town banners don’t have anchors, but a profile of Admiral [James David Glasgow] Farragut. Then I checked the Town Web site. It too had a profile of the admiral, but no anchor. Ditto the flag. Even Farragut High School’s symbol is a ship’s wheel, and the Admirals have a star on their helmets and caps. You convinced me. The first caller was right. I vote for the stacked stone sign like the one at the library park.

• I called you once before with an item of great concern, that is at the high school on Campbell Station Road. And see, many months have passed and we still have not gained closure with that melee. In the meantime, our so-called leaders have pressed upon the people yet another road project. I am referring to the closure of one lane at the intersection of Northshore [Drive] and Concord Road. It is very difficult for those of us who must drive our cars through that area to fathom why you’ve closed one lane when there is no evidence of work ongoing, and why we are to be inconvenienced with large back-ups each and every day. It makes me wonder if those poor buggers have gone off to the Smoky Mountains to work, just as their counterparts on the Campbell Station project did, so many months ago.

Editor’s Note: The Concord Road bridge closure is part of a Tennessee Department of Transportation project and not the town of Farragut. The CSR project is scheduled for completion at the end of November.

• Oh, boy. The traffic on Grigsby Chapel and Smith roads is just awful. I’m wondering — in the morning — I’m wondering if the principal at Farragut Primary School would kindly drive Grigsby Chapel and Smith Road around 7:30 to 7:45 and just take a look at the traffic problems that are going on for the community and see if she might be able to make some changes to help.

Editor’s Note: The traffic problems are caused by the construction and partial lane closures on Campbell Station Road. The construction project should be completed by the end of November. At that time, traffic patterns at FPS will return to normal.

• Yes. It would be nice for the Farragut Business Alliance to let us know how much of a profit they made on the Taste of Farragut, and also, what are they intending to do with the profit, if there is any. It would be nice to know what they were doing with the proceeds. Thank you.

• Does anyone know if we’re going to have a free flu shot Saturday at the Farragut High School? Last year it was Sept. 29, and I haven’t heard anything about it this year so far. Appreciate you for letting me know.

Editor’s Note: Free Flu Shot Saturday is scheduled for Nov. 6 at Farragut High School.

• I’m very disappointed to see that the Town’s funds — $10,000 plus the cost of printing — will be used to finance this book about the founding of the town of Farragut. It doesn’t seem to be an appropriate use of our community’s money for the ego of the mayor. I’m also disappointed in the reporter from the farragutpress being hired by the Town to write the book. It seems to me it compromises both the coverage by the farragutpress of the Town and that reporter. I don’t think that is an appropriate item. Thank you.

• To the parents of the 9-year-old boy who lives in Sedgefield who walks to [Mayor] Bob Leonard Park for soccer practice: maybe you need to rethink this decision. He darted out in front of my car on Watt Road. I was doing 35 and I very nearly hit the child. Maybe you need to walk him to practice from now on.

• I would like to know why the farragutpress has not been following any of the Farragut Lady Admirals volleyball. I’ve not seen a single thing in the farragutpress and they are through — almost three-fourths through — their season. I would have really liked to have seen some coverage from that. Thank you.

Editor’s Note: Our coverage of volleyball is limited to the post season.

• I would like to make a comment about homecoming at Farragut High School. The town that I came from, we always had more homecoming festivities to celebrate. We always had floats and did a homecoming parade. Farragut is a perfect town to have a homecoming parade, and just wanted to comment to wonder why we don’t have such a thing here in Farragut. We have a great little area where we have our Farragut Independence Day parade and everything, and that’s, you know, a part of homecoming. I’d just like to see why Farragut doesn’t do anything like that.

Editor’s Note: Several reasons: the town of Farragut does not administer Farragut High School, Knox County Schools system does; Kingston Pike is a state highway and closing it would have to be a coordinated effort between Knox County Schools, the town of Farragut and the state of Tennessee on a Friday; attendance at most high school games is minimal compared to the total population of the Town.

• Via e-mail: I am writing to ask the Campbell Station Road construction manager to repaint the Herron Road to Campbell Station Road turn arrows. The straight-ahead and left-turn arrows should be in the same lane. Currently the straight ahead arrow is painted in the right turn lane which impedes the flow of traffic to those who wish to make a right turn on red from Herron Road to Campbell Station Road. This was how it was before the construction project began. Thank you.

• Via e-mail: I’m afraid this is going to open a can of worms here, but I feel like I need to make my (potentially unpopular) opinion known with regard to area bicyclists. Let me begin by saying that I do my best to “share the road.” I make every attempt to give cyclists (as well as pedestrians) as wide a berth as safely possible. I can also understand the argument from cyclists who decide to use the roadways instead of sidewalks, although I do not agree with that argument. Where I take issue with cyclists, however, is when I get behind one (or two, or eight) of them on roads like Fox, Canton Hollow, Loop and Turkey Creek [roads]. These narrow, hilly, curvy roads are a challenge for some drivers to safely navigate without the added obstacle of a cyclist riding in the center of the lane. When I drive on these roads and I get behind someone riding their bicycle at 15 or 20 mph, it is very difficult for me to not get frustrated, because I CANNOT SAFELY PASS. Additionally, I have allotted a certain amount of time for my commute to wherever it is I’m going, and that plan does not include following a bicycle for five miles. I realize that there are cyclists who are reading this and fuming, but try to understand: Imagine you are trying to ride your bike in a narrow bike lane, and every couple miles you get stuck for five minutes behind a little old lady walking her dog. Would it frustrate you to not be able to use your bike lane as it was intended to be used? I think it might. So cyclists — if you simply MUST ride on a road without an ample shoulder, could you at least stick to roads with a speed limit of 25 mph or less? Or, if there’s a car whose been following you for a while, PULL OVER AND LET THEM PASS. Oh, and if you want the same “rights” as cars on the roads, try following the same rules (that means signaling turns and stopping for the entire duration of a red light). You know, now that I think of it, why don’t we just start making cyclists pay registration fees and wheel taxes?


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