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• Thank you, farragutpress and the town of Farragut for that wonderful Picnic on the Pike yesterday. What a fantastic outing for the family. We had a great time. Want to thank all the vendors and especially the live music. Just an outstanding event. Thank you.

• As a person from the community who comes out and sees the Farragut [High School] football team play, and does not have a child on this team, I find it very sad that the people sitting in those stands do not root and cheer for those boys. If it was a [The University of Tennessee] game, those people would be on their feet encouraging those boys. I find it very sad that people sit and chitchat in a stadium and do not support those boys on that team. We must remember, they are boys and need our support as a community. Thank you.

• I just got finished listening to a blurb of those people in Missouri who are going to funerals of fallen soldiers, of gay people, of anyone who does not agree with their particular fundamental philosophy of hate and bigotry, and picketing and singing and telling everyone that God hates the United States. Um, I refuse to call them a church, because the term “church” infers that it is a house of God. These people have nothing to do with God. They are a creation of hate by choice. They preach, they teach hate. They are not of God. They are of something entirely different. Whatever happened to “love thy neighbor as thyself,” “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”? Jesus died on the cross to forgive all our sins. ...

• I was just reading the farragutpress today, Oct. 7, and have never read anything so stupid before in my life. The person who wrote in about Democrats recycling more than Republicans … what a stupid, stupid comment. I have friends who are Democrats who recycle. I have Republicans that recycle. Wherever this person got his idea from is totally crazy.

• Thank you for opening the can of worms about area bicyclists. With all the sidewalks and bike trails we have in Farragut, no one should be on a highway. If they do get on the road, they should pay a wheel tax. Some bike enthusiasts are very courteous, but most act like they own the road. Pay the tax, then show your pecs.

• Yes, I just heard of a free app that you can get for newer phones called “Bluff My Call,” where a person can put in your cell phone number, change his voice or her voice, vice versa, male to female, and call, not even using your real number. So they can call bond [companies]; they can call in missing from school, and it looks like it’s coming from you. I just think people have to be aware of this. Thank you.

Editor’s Note: The apps are free but there is a charge per minute for use. There are several similar apps available.

• Via e-mail: I wish to comment on the partisan comments related to recycling in presstalk last week. My my, now recycling is even a matter of political leanings? Please. I am a self-proclaimed conservative, tend to vote Republican, and yes, I am a dedicated recycler! I believe in the value that recycling offers to our society and am an avid recycler both at home and at work. Recycling is sensible, not political. To the reader who thinks otherwise, grow up! Thanks.

• Via To the person who thinks that only Democrats recycle: I hope you were being sarcastic by making such a blanket statement! I am a proud Republican who has been recycling for years and encourages other to do the same. I consider myself “green,” I recycle and compost all I can. This type of comment is no different than stereotyping by race, gender or ethnicity. Very surprised that this comment would come from the so-called “all-inclusive” Democratic party.

• Via presstalk@ Whoever is in charge of scheduling half time activities at this game needs to apologize to the members of the FHS Marching band for the disrespectful way they were treated at Friday night’s game. There is limited time available at half time and with both the visiting band and home band waiting to perform, they not only had the Second Harvest winner announcement which took a great deal of time but they also had to bring out the baseball team who stood there on the field, not in uniform or anything, some even painted blue, while they read the names of the entire team eating up the time on the clock. Since it seems to be procedure in Knoxville, the visiting band performed first while Farragut watched from the sidelines, ready to take the field. Finally, the Farragut band had only enough time to line up on the field and immediately had to march off. What an insult to them! They were finally able to play after the game, as though they were an after thought. Those who waited patiently to see them were treated to a fine performance of the full show, but to a very limited audience. What a shame! Yes, the baseball team deserves recognition, but that should have been done at a baseball game, not at a football game. If it had to be a football game, it should have been pre-game. The dance team performed, the cheerleaders were able to perform but the band was forced out of the game. Just another example of how little respect is given to the arts and those hard working kids and their directors. I hope the athletic director, the principal, coaches or whoever scheduled this game will give those kids and their directors the apology they deserve. The home band should have been allowed the time to play. This is their performance venue, too, and they do a great job!

Editor’s Note: The length of halftime is governed by Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association. It is customary for the home band to play before or after the game rather than during halftime when other lengthy activities are scheduled. Farragut High School teams often have been recognized during halftime at FHS football games.

• Via e-mail: Thank you to Rural Metro Station 11 in Farragut and 134th Civil Engineer Squadron at McGhee Tyson Air National Guard personnel for attending Farragut Primary School’s Hero Day Friday, Sept. 10. We appreciate your service.

• Via e-mail: I’ve noticed that as controversy swirls around the red-light cameras pedestrian safety is often cited. I suggest the Town consider an alternative. A pedestrian bridge would make a very nice gateway to our town over Campbell Station Road connecting the residential areas along Grigsby Chapel [Road] with the shopping areas in Turkey Creek. I can see a “Welcome to Farragut” sign on a bridge that would 1) enhance pedestrian safety, 2) increase use of the Turkey Creek to Lovell Road section of our greenway and 3) distinguish our town. Funding could come from the red-light camera proceeds.


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