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• This is in response to the reader who was frustrated about the high school band being treated in an insulting manner. Farragut has numerous activities that they are proud of, and that they should be proud of, including the band, the cheerleaders, the dance team, the state-champion baseball team and most importantly, the community service and involvement that all the students do; in particular, the Second Harvest [Food Bank] can drive. The fact that the band was not able to perform before the game, I think, suggests that the school was trying to be fair to everyone, to try to allow equal time and opportunity for all these organizations. And to imply that they don’t care about art is overlooking the whole point of Farragut High School. And perhaps if the band cared enough about performing, and was committed, they would have attended the Maryville game, but they chose not to, because it was over fall break. So maybe that is a bit [inaudible] had they cared to show up.

• I just wanted to comment on the article in the presstalk regarding the home time [sic] activities during halftime during the [Farragut High School football] game [recently], where the Farragut band was not able to perform. Judging by the number of people that opted to stay for the Farragut band performance, it would probably be a good thing if each time the Farragut football team hosted a game, if the band did play afterwards, because the band people will notice that people come to a game to see the game. They do not come to watch the band. The band has this impression that people come just to watch them, and then they leave. That is not correct. They come to watch the game. And I am really pleased that the kids and the parents were able to stay for the entire game and watch that awesome game. Thanks, kids.

• Yes, I would just like to comment on the article about the band at last week’s game not getting to perform. It’s a shame the band didn’t get to perform, but the band also chose on homecoming to take off at halftime so they could go enjoy themselves while the football team and other people stayed at the game. I think if the band would maybe participate a little more with the game and play more, they might be respected a little more. Thank you.

• Yes, I just wanted to comment on the band article in the presstalk. Apparently, the band chooses third quarter every game to take off because they performed at halftime, so to make comments about the other teams — like the baseball team that works year-round, and the dance team and cheerleaders who also work very hard — having an opportunity to perform, and the band has plenty of time to perform during the game and chooses not to. As far as cheerleaders go, that’s the first time they’ve ever gotten to perform before a game, and they stay the entire game and cheer through both halves, while the band chooses to take a quarter off. Thank you.

Editor’s Note: The Farragut High School baseball team, as a formal unit with coaches, does not work out year-round. To imply that the team works out year-round would constitute an admission of the team violating Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association rules regarding dead times.

• You know, I just drove through Turkey Creek, and I’m just a freshman in high school and all, but those calming islands are pretty stupid. There is no point to those things; I mean, seriously. Obviously Knox County has no idea what they’re doing. K. Thanks.

Editor’s Note: The islands along Parkside Drive in Turkey Creek were part of the design for the commercial development, on land located in town of Farragut and City of Knoxville limits. The calming islands along Grigsby Chapel Road were installed by Farragut, not Knox County.

• Via This is about an incident at the Farragut-Bearden football game. My wife and I are both graduates of Farragut High School and attend a lot of the football games or listen on the radio. We usually sit about five or six rows in the upper section of the Farragut section next to the isle. That night a gentleman and his two sons sat on the row behind us. They were Bearden fans and the boys were cheering for Bearden and the dad was basically quiet. Two or three families with children, teenagers and young adults were sitting on the same two rows as we were. Before the game, during the first half and halftime, it was a revolving door of them going in and out of our row and the row behind us. The Bearden fan finally politely asked them if they could stop going in and out so much. We even asked three of the older teenagers if they planned on staying in, because we were tired of being bothered, and they said they would. Suddenly one of the men jumped up and started cursing the Bearden fan, telling him he would whip his (expletive). Then he sent one of the teenagers to get the deputies. [The deputies] came and asked the man and his sons to leave with him. My wife and I tried to tell them that it was not his fault, but the other people — even pointing them out. The deputy then had the audacity to ask my wife if she wanted to go outside. We told the Bearden fan that not all the fans in Farragut are jerks. We go to the Farragut and The University of Tennessee games — usually arriving an hour before. If we need to go to the restroom, we go as we go in. If we want food and drink, we take it in as we go. Then we sit in our seats until the game is over. Sure, sometimes you might have to go out, but please be considerate of the other people.

• Via As a new resident of Farragut, who relocated from Lexington, Ky., I would like to comment on the amount of negativity that takes place on the opinion page on a weekly basis. Everyone who lives in Farragut is so lucky to live in such a beautiful area with all the mountains and water, and so many things to do that I can’t believe that we cannot collectively be more positive and happy about our lot in life. Are the calming islands, stop light cameras, bicyclers and now politicized recycling issues so bad? Another one that confuses me is why people complain so much about road/bridge construction. I bet the same people would complain about roads and bridges that were in poor repair. Why can we not enjoy the general prosperity of the area, the wonderful landscapes and good Southern hospitality that is evident all around us; and stop complaining about these trivial things? All is can say is that Life is Good in East Tennessee and I hope more farragutpress readers will agree and be more positive in the future.

• Via Thank you to the Farragut town planners for their consideration and close attention to the small details in putting together our Farragut’s 30th B’day celebration. I did not see any room for improvement — it was a wonderful event. A friend from Knoxville came to enjoy the day with me, being that we are both in our mid 50s we appreciated very much having a section far enough away from the kiddies events to not be interrupted by them running here and there as youngsters do. I can’t say enough wonderful things about each of the live entertainers who performed at this event, what talent! Each genre was equally enjoyed. We overheard people saying they hoped Farragut would have something like this every autumn from now on and my friend and I echo that sentiment. It was such a beautifully inviting day to spend outside. The food stands were priced very reasonably which made it easier to sample more than one booth’s goodies. I’d like to say thank you to Ingles for the cakes they donated and the slices they gave out for free and for being gracious in allowing us to use their parking lot during the afternoon’s festivities. As well I’d like to send out a huge thank you to the farragutpress for allowing us to trample their front lawn with our chairs, blankets and feet while we enjoyed the day. We treasured the Party so much we stayed for the entire event and hope we can do something like it again each year in this same spot.

• Via USPS: A basketball player for The University of Tennessee talks about his three week training session in San Francisco, [Calif.], and I suggest that this may create a problem. This is considered a unique facility — no photos, etc., but no one has said who will pay the costs, which must be expensive. Can all go? No. Will someone explain?

• Via This is written in response to the letter concerning the FHS band not being able to perform at halftime during the Farragut/Bearden game. It has been obvious from the beginning of the year that our band is there as a performance band and not a pep band. The mere fact that after performing at halftime, they take the entire third quarter off speaks volumes. The football players, cheerleaders and dance team are out there doing their jobs for the duration of the game. If the students need a break to get refreshments, use the restroom or even socialize is understandable but to have the whole band off the whole quarter is ridiculous! Let them break in shifts. There have been many instances where some major plays have occurred changing the flow of the game and our band is out of commission. I have yet to witness one other school where the band is afforded such a luxury. I even noticed that during the homecoming game the band left the game after performing during halftime and they never returned. I assume they went to the dance. This was a very close game and I am sure that the players, cheerleaders, dance team and fans would have appreciated all the support they could have gotten. The band can play a vital role toward the overall enthusiasm level during the game. The noise level obviously increases, the students yell, the cheerleaders and dance teams have routines to the songs and we feel like one big unit out to conquer our foes. This is what Friday night football is all about! If the main goal of the Farragut Band is to be a concert band then maybe have students volunteer for a pep band. Then


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