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BOMA approves park lighting bid

Farragut approved a contract for new ball field lighting that came in just one dollar under the budgeted amount for the project.

The project is for new lighting on the western baseball field and on the sand volleyball complex at Mayor Bob Leonard Park. The lights and their installation will cost the Town $159,999 — one buck shy of the budgeted $160,000 line item.

“Lighting is important. ... You want people to play in the evenings and safety is a part of that,” Alderman Jeff Elliott said.

Elliott told other members of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen that he could vouch for the dark spots on the field: spots caused by warping and twisting of the wooden light poles.

Town Engineer Darryl Smith advised the Board the lights were being bought from a sole-source provider, meaning the Town hadn’t bid this project, as is the norm.

“TCA code does allow us to purchase from a sole-source provider, provided we have checked everything out and provided proper documentation. We have definitely done that,” Smith said.

The light manufacturer, Musco, is the only one in the area that makes lights that comply with Farragut’s specifications, including energy efficiency and compatibility with the Town’s computerized light system.

“Our intent is to eventually have everything on a very compatible system that is controlled and monitored by computer, and we already have the infrastructure in place to do that,” Smith said.

“And we want to maintain those high standards of lighting.

“We shouldn’t have fields lit all night long. This is definitely an upgrade,” he added.

Alderman John Williams asked Smith how he could assure the Town was getting a good deal if the project wasn’t bid out.

“No question this is a great product ... [but] how do you assure you’re getting a fair deal?” he asked.

“This quote is about what we expected,” Smith said, adding park lighting projects had been bid out before, and Musco was always the only one to bid that could complete the project to Farragut specs.

“They’re the only ballgame in Town?” Alderman Bob Markli asked.

Williams moved to accept the contract; Elliott seconded and the motion was unanimously approved with Mayor Ralph McGill absent.

The Town bought concrete and galvanized steel poles, plus lighting components for 10 lights from Musco for a price of $123,490.

The lights also come with a 25-year warranty.

The Board also approved a contract for installation of the lights to Sherrod Inc., which bid a total of $36,509 for the project.

But Town Attorney Tom Hale pointed out a rather large discrepancy in the bid numbers — a $30,000 difference between Sherrod’s quote and the competing company’s.

“Sometimes bids or quotes with obvious discrepancies won’t stand,” Hale said.

The bid asked companies to quote their price for installing the lights on the baseball field, for installing lights on the volleyball court, and for the project as a whole.

Smith said he suspected Sherrod had simply transposed two of the numbers — putting their baseball field price in the volleyball slot and vice versa. But he also said he’d called them and they said they would operate on their total bid price: $36,509.

“If you’ve pinned them down I think they’ll be pinned to that,” Hale said.

While Sherrod had the lowest overall bid, it did not have the lowest bid on each separate project.

Williams asked Smith if he could take Sherrod’s low bid and Holley Electric’s low bid and put them together, resulting in a savings of about $11,000.

“I’d rather shoot myself,” Smith joked.

“For $11,000, we might let you,” Markli joked back.

Town Administrator David Smoak said the Board couldn’t pick and choose bids, since the projects hadn’t been bid as separate items. If the Board wished to award the projects separately, the entire project would have to be bid again.

“I think this is a good bid,” Smoak told the Board.

Vice Mayor Dot LaMarche moved to approve the installation bid; Markli seconded. The motion was approved with Williams dissenting.


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