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• I’m calling in reference to the sign issue at the Pilot station at Campbell Station Road. I think the best way to handle this is if the people of Farragut stop doing business at that Pilot store, Pilot might get the message and stop wasting our time and our Town’s money. Thank you.

• I find it rather interesting that the man who wishes to represent the people of the state of Tennessee has chosen to ignore the wishes of the people in the town of Farragut when it comes to the signage issue at the [convenience store]. Thank you.

Editor’s Note: During the 2010 Tennessee gubernatorial race, Bill Haslam did not fully divulge his connections to Pilot Flying J.

• In regards to the Pilot non-conforming sign on Campbell Station Road, this is ridiculous. It’s been going on far too long and they’re just thumbing their nose at us. Why can’t they be fined? I believe if an individual were not following ordinances, there would be fines. I think maybe they would come around if the fines were becoming cost prohibitive for them to keep this sign. It’s ridiculous that they don’t have to come in line with everyone else. They think they’re above it. Thank you.

• I called in three weeks ago and my message wasn’t used; I think I’m being censored because I mentioned that Farragut residents not recycling is due to the fact that they are a higher percentage of Republicans, and that Republicans by nature and by fact do not recycle as much as other people. Their attitude is one of privilege and “I’ve got mine; you should go get yours.” But be that as it may, I don’t want all of those words printed. I just want to make this statement: that I was censored and recycling not being done as it should in this Town is a problem and we should be highly embarrassed by it.

Editor’s Note: Because presstalk calls are anonymous, it’s not possible to look up your exact call. However, a call about Republicans and Democrats recycling was printed in the Oct. 7 issue of farragutpress. While not all presstalks are printed (see our Rules of Engagement, often printed on page 4), many times when presstalks do not make a print edition because of space constraints, they are still printed online at

• I just wanted to say I agree with the decision of the Economic Development Committee to try to move ahead and create a plan without bogging things down in subcommittees. I think one of the biggest problems with the Farragut town government is all these committees. There are too many committees with too many people on them, and that’s why when we ever do get around to putting a law or a rule together, it’s too complicated and convoluted. I think that the term limits initiative that’s on the ballot for [Tuesday, Nov. 2] should include people on these committees. There should be absolute limits on the amount of time people can serve on these committees, whether it’s Municipal Planning Commission or the sign review board; any of those. They should have definite limits.

• Via e-mail: To all of you people writing in to the presstalk to complain about all of the people in Farragut who are complainers ... I have a complaint! Because so many of you are complaining about the complainers the presstalk type size is so darn small that this old person wishes to complain that he cannot read his favorite part of the newspaper and because the darn Republicans want to repeal Obamacare, I will not be able to afford new glasses to read the complaints in small type. So stop complaining so that the editor can print these in regular size type.

• Via e-mail: In almost every issue of farragutpress there is somewhere that the community development director has made a decision for the town of Farragut. The position seems to have more power than the aldermen and mayor and sometimes even the town council. Seems to me that if someone is to have that much power and decision making ability that it should be an elected position. Also if the town wants to keep progressing forward through the years that the position should have term limits. Since the position is not yet an elected position can anyone tell me the qualifications that the current holder of the position has? Seems that person should be an expert and have experience in at least traffic control, landscape design, construction, project management and safety. Unless the position has these qualifications then what they have to say or input is just opinion.

Editor’s Note: The position and qualifications of Farragut’s community development director have been covered in farragutpress ad nauseam. However, to reiterate, Ruth Hawk, Farragut’s community development director, has documented experience in all the categories mentioned above. Hawk is not a decision maker. She and her staff make recommendations to Farragut Municipal Planning Commission that either approves or disapproves those recommendations. Hawk recently was selected as Tennessee Planner of the Year. The “town council” and “mayor and aldermen” are the same and only governing body. At press time residents of the town of Farragut voted in term limits on elected positions with the term limit referendum vote Tuesday, Nov. 2. However, term limits are for elected officials only, and Hawk’s job wouldn’t fall under term limits. She is a town employee.

• Via A friend just told me free English lessons are being taught at Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church right here in Farragut, everyone is invited to learn the language of this country! I think it’s such a wonderful outreach for the community. It sure would be nice if more churches and businesses across Knoxville followed suit with this type of program to help those who want to improve themselves. If you’re going to live in America then you ought to speak American. By the way, when will Farragut ever get its long-awaited Community Center? Meanwhile, the old Kroger building is gathering cobwebs. What on earth could be the hold up?

• Via e-mail: I read the opinion section to mainly hear the latest from my fellow “neighbors.” I get a kick out of reading about barking dogs or islands that are apparently annoying. Very rarely do I ever get upset reading this section and never have I ever wanted or needed to write in myself. Farragut has amazing schools. This is why we moved to this area of Knoxville. Our family has lived all over the United States, courtesy of the U.S. Marine Corps, and I’ve bragged about the school system here for the last year. The teachers, administration, and staff are amazing and give more than I’ve ever been witness to. What I have NOT bragged about are the parents. Listen, we are all here wanting the same thing: the best for our children, are we not? I don’t understand all the animosity between each other and the different organizations. I have school age children who are involved in different activities and sports and each one believes they are crucial to the school and the main reason we are who we are. TOGETHER this is true, and this is what we need to understand. Let’s teach our children to support each other, not tear each other down. I grew up in Texas and I was in the band. Even then, we took the third quarter off. Like I have previously mentioned, my children have attended schools in five different states. All those bands took the third quarters off as well. I was planning a little trip to [Washington,] DC during fall break and I asked if my child needed to be in town for band. The answer was this: if the school says we go to the game; we go to the game. We went to DC that weekend so many can guess what the school said about that. Let’s not be quick to judge, especially when it may be something we know nothing about. In a school this size, it’s quite shocking that our band is only as big as it is. Could this be that there is lack of support from the community? I would like to end this public announcement by saying CONGRATULATIONS to the band for getting 1st place in last week’s Music in the Foothills.

• Via This is in response to the unhappy person in Lovell Hills concerning barking dogs. First, you must not have been at the LHHA meeting on Sept. 9 where the Knox County Animal Control office spoke about nuisance animals. We were told that in such cases we should file a complaint with their office at 215-4892 giving details of the event(s) that are in violation Knox County Code, Chapter 6, Article 2, Section 6-32 ... I am sorry that this individual is not happy in Lovell Hills, but be assured of this, if you are truly unhappy here, Delta is ready when you are.

• Editorial freedom is a wonderful concept, but it does come with its responsibilities. With that in mind, the farragutpress has developed policies that will be followed regarding the publication of presstalk comments:

• Libelous comments will not be published.

• Malicious comments will not be published.

• Comments will remain anonymous.

• Recorded comments will be limited to 30 seconds.

• Written comments should be limited to about 100 words.

• Names of individuals or businesses mentioned in the call may not be published (including public figures and officials) depending on the issue.

• Comments mentioning names of public figures, not issue related, will be published as a “Letter to the Editor” and must be signed.

• farragutpress reserves the right not to publish any comment for any reason.

• Because of space limitations, not every comment will be published. Also, portions of the 30-second message and written comments with more than 100 words may be omitted, but the basic message of the call or e-mail will remain intact.

• Vulgar language will not be printed.

That’s it. The forum is open for comments regarding anything you have on your mind — local politics, world affairs, sports, religion, community affairs, city-county unification or anything else.


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