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Dixie Lee is Town’s original spirits store

Open since 1989, Dixie Lee Wines & Liquors is Farragut’s original family owned and operated wine and spirits store.

Though several other stores are now open in the area, Ellen Taylor Jones, treasurer and part-owner, said there are many reasons to shop at Dixie Lee.

“We get a lot of feedback from customers that they appreciate the service they get and also the pricing,” Jones added. “This is an economic situation where people really have to watch every dollar they spend, and we find that people still come in and buy product, but they’re wanting to get value for their money.”

As a response to the current economy, Dixie Lee has changed the way it prices many products.

“We work very hard to buy the very best deals that we can. In buying a really good deal, we’re able to pass that value down to the customer,” Jones said.

Dixie Lee’s philosophy is that customers don’t have to buy a case, give personal information or live in a certain community to get a discount. It applies to everyone every day.

“It has always been very important to us that we do not price discriminate. We don’t offer certain deals to certain individuals and not to others,” Jones added. “We value all of our customers equally.”

Another reason to shop at Dixie Lee, Jones said, is the knowledgeable staff, which helps them achieve great customer service.

Gary Johnson, wine manager, is an asset to the Dixie Lee team.

“He does a lot of research. He meets with our distributors on a regular basis. He knows his product,” Jones said. “Whenever we have customers that come in and know they want, for example, a red wine, but they don’t exactly know which variety they want to go with, Gary helps them narrow down their choices.”

Bob Fisk is another important member of the team.

“He’s about as good at customer service as it gets. Everything from helping a customer pick out a product to carrying out packages for people, bringing things up to the counter for people. He’s the most customer-service oriented person I know,” Jones said.

Location is always important in business, and Jones believes Dixie Lee’s helps bring in customers.

“We are in the Town of Farragut, but there are some areas in town that have been become congested,” Jones said. “I feel like our location, because it is convenient to get to but it’s not really congested, is a big draw for a lot of people.”

For more information about Dixie Lee Wines & Liquors, located at 13044 Kingston Pike, visit or call 865-966-5551.


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