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police reports

• Oct. 19: A Marshbird Lane woman advised KCSO officer Timothy Blackburn she ordered a cell phone from Verizon Wireless, and when checking the status of the shipment, found it had been delivered to her old address. She contacted FedEx and was advised the resident at her previous home refused to return the phone.

• Oct. 21: A Sundown Road man advised KCSO officer Clark Caswill an unknown suspect entered his residence and stole a hedge trimmer, CDs, his personal diary and a bottle of champagne. Complainant advised he had been out of town and was unable to find how the suspect had made entry to his residence.

• Oct. 21: KCSO officer Mark Belliveau responded to a residence off Virtue Road on report of a burglary. Complainant said he had visited Chattanooga and returned to find it had been burglarized. Victim said most of the drawers in the home had been pulled out and searched or emptied. Suspect had taken his pillowcase and loose change from a drawer. Suspect also allegedly left the residence through a back door, which the victim found open. Victim could not find a point of entry and could not remember if he had locked the door of the garage. A wooden door in the fence was damaged. Victim rents the property from another Virtue Road resident who could not be contacted. Forensics was not called because the victim cleaned everything up before he called police.

• Oct. 22: A Lindenhall Circle woman advised KCSO officer Scott Ritch she and her husband were in bed when they heard the alarm sound. Her husband opened the door to the garage and found two unknown male suspects in the garage. Each suspect had a bottle of beer in their hands, beer from a refrigerator in the garage. Victim stated suspects charged toward the side door to exit the garage, and victim’s husband was able to grab one of the suspects. However, the suspect was able to get away. Victim advised the only things missing were the two bottles of beer. Victim also advised the suspects entered the garage through the side door, which has a large dog door in it.

• Oct. 22: A Spinnaker Road man advised KCSO officer Lydia Farmer an unknown suspect stole a GPS system and a laptop from his unlocked vehicle. Victim found the cord to his GPS near the road.

• Oct. 22: A Buddy’s Bar-b-q employee advised KCSO officer Joseph Crabtree another employee notified him of a bomb threat over the business’s telephone. That employee said an unknown suspect called to place an order for 10 sandwiches, then proceeded to ask the witness how many people were in the restaurant. Suspect then stated, “Well, there is a bomb in the restaurant” and hung up the phone. Business has no caller ID. A thorough search of the business revealed nothing unusual or suspect. The Major Crimes Unit was notified of the incident.

• Oct. 22: An Untia Road woman advised KCSO officer Jessica Wilson an unknown suspect stole her purse, containing a social security card, checkbook and debit and credit cards, from her unlocked vehicle. Vehicle was parked at a location off Applegate Lane.

• Oct. 24: KCSO officer Richard VanKirk responded to Marshalls department store on report of a shoplifter. Witness stated she observed a known suspect conceal jeans and a sweater, worth $24.98, in her purse and leave the store without paying for them. Suspect could not provide any identification and was taken into custody for shoplifting. She was transported to Knox County Detention Facility.

• Oct. 26: KCSO officer Mark Belliveau responded to Wild Wing Café on report of a theft. Victim, an employee of the restaurant, said she placed her purse in an unsecured locker in a private employee area at the business. When she later went to get her purse, she found her wallet was missing. Manager and victim both believe an unknown fellow employee took the wallet. Wallet contained $150, social security card, driver’s license and an Alcohol Beverage Card.

• Oct. 27: A Cottages Group employee advised KCSO officer Matthew Lusk an unknown suspect forced his way into an office trailer at a job site and stole various electronic devices. Suspect entered the trailer through a side window. Suspect stole a laptop computer, computer monitor, printers and various job site keys. Suspect also stole privately owned job tools from a private box trailer, which he used the keys to open.

• Oct. 28: An employee of The Groovy Pad off Parkside Drive advised KCSO officer Matthew Lusk she believed a known suspect stole two cameras from her business, between Sept. 19 and Sept. 21. Suspect is an ex-employee, released from her job on Sept. 19. The suspect was advised to turn in her keys, which she did on Sept. 21. On Oct. 28, victim contacted suspect, who told her she (the suspect) had used her keys to enter the business after hours between Sept. 19 and Sept. 21, the time the cameras were stolen.


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