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Governor, do the right thing ...

Tennessee’s Gov.-elect Bill Haslam has a tremendous opportunity to do something for the people! Take the sales tax off of food!

Haslam has been toying with the idea of cutting the state budget. However, cutting the state budget “across the board” is not a long-term solution. It reduces the quality of service and it impacts hard-working, state employees. Good employees leave; the wrong people stay ... those with an attitude.

Simply put, across-the-board cuts reduce the effectiveness of a governor’s long-range initiatives. Forget history! Mr. Haslam and you’re doomed to repeat previous governor’s mistakes.

State employees have always been the favorite targets for cutbacks by the governor’s office. On the downside, budget cuts reduce state employee morale to the lowest common denominator; they are treated like “illegal aliens.” Save money, Mr. Haslam, cut the waste, don’t call in department heads after your inauguration and order them to cut their budgets 5 percent. That kind of management is a smoke screen.

Tennessee has hundreds of outdated laws, rules and regulations it cannot enforce now due to a lack of manpower. Target waste and make state department heads accountable. Order departments to evaluate staff performance, so Tennessee keeps the best people and gains long term savings. That is the professional way to control the state’s budget.

Tennessee needs a big break! Retirees have not had a cost-of-living increase in two years. (That’s one reason the state budget does not balance.) And, state employees have not had a cost-of-living raise in three (3) years.

Do the right thing, Gov.-elect Haslam! “Take the sales tax off food” and provide millions to Tennesseans, who will help you re-build the state’s economy. Those sales tax dollars will generate millions of new tax dollars.

Paul L. Comer Jr.


No red-light cameras

Regardless of who you voted for, Nov. 2 represented a major win for everyone who opposes the use of red-light cameras.

In a handful of pockets across the nation, voters decided they were sick of the automated machines and by voting against the use of these devices, sent a message to law enforcement, as well as the companies that manufacture red-light cameras.

I urge readers to consider our true need for these cameras versus the motives of revenue collection behind them.

Please visit for information on how to help end Farragut’s use of these photo enforcement cameras.

I am a Farragut resident who’s fed up with the lame explanations I’m getting from Town officials on these cameras.

I will not rest until they all come down.

I do not run red lights and am interested in safety. However, I don’t support revenue collection thinly disguised as enforcement.

Marty Mansfield


FWKC will keep its name

We at the Farragut West Knox Chamber agree with the strategic direction of the Farragut Economic Development Committee to improve relations with the region’s economic development organizations and businesses by reaching out to Knoxville, West Knoxville and other surrounding areas.

This has been the model at the Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce for the past few years and it has been extremely successful. We have seen our membership grow and businesses in Farragut, Knoxville and West Knoxville have prospered by working together. Our Mission is to strengthen and support our community by promoting business growth, education and economic development.

The senior board members at the Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce were confused by the FEDC recommendation to change our name back to the Farragut Chamber of Commerce. This seems to conflict with their goals of promoting business growth by reaching outside of our community, and certainly conflicts with our success. The Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce enjoys a wonderful relationship with the Town of Farragut and has no plan to change our name.

Mike Such

Chairman of the Board

FWK Chamber of Commerce


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