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• In response to the last Lovell Hills comments, the fact that we had to discuss the barking dogs at the homeowners’ meeting indicates how much of a problem this is. The retirees who don’t have kids woken up in the middle of the night due to barking need to think about their neighbors a bit more. Also, the snide comments about [inaudible] says a lot about the prevailing attitude.

• God bless the dogs of Lovell Hills. If you love dogs, you will enjoy the freedom of round the clock barking in Lovell Hills. Don’t be concerned about animal control, because no matter how many times they are called, they don’t show up. When we finally are able to sell, we hope to find someone with dogs that will join in the chorus.

• OK. I know we’re all looking forward to Campbell Station Road finally being finished. But the lack of common sense being used by the people who are currently working on portions of Campbell Station is just beyond astounding. The way the barrels are set up at the intersection of Village Green and Campbell Station Road, and down by the entrance to the park, if somebody is not injured or killed this weekend because the people are having a hard time figuring out which way they should be going, because there are no signs, there’s all of a sudden a barrel and you’re just supposed to guess which way you’re supposed to go. It is ridiculous. That is reckless endangerment. That is endangering the public safety. Somebody’s butt should be on the table over this. This is ridiculous. Whoever’s in charge of this travesty needs to be written up, have their job put on the line, because somebody’s going to be hurt over their stupidity and laziness.

• In the Nov. 4 farragutpress page 4D, under the “Growth” section states, “Farragut installed red light cameras at three intersections in 2009.” That is a false statement in that the town of Farragut citizens, referring to Farragut, are Farragut. The mayor and aldermen installed the red light camera cameras. And it’s interesting that it’s such a big deal with the mayor and aldermen passing term limits and putting it in a referendum and going to a vote. I daresay that Farragut and its citizens would like to see that on the red light cameras, and if that did happen, then those cameras would go away because we all know that the mayor and aldermen had the cameras installed for the purpose of revenue.

• Yes, I’d like to complain about illiterate Democrats and their recycling habits in Farragut, and I’d also like to call and complain about Republicans stealing old men’s glasses so they can’t read presstalk. I’d like to complain about barking dogs and nuisance cats and red light cameras. And I’d also like to complain that it’s cold today, and I’m pretty sure that’s to do with the calming islands. Have a nice day.

• I really look forward to the farragutpress every week, and what I really look forward to is the comic relief from presstalk, with all the ignorant comments and conspiracy theories that are so often made on a variety of topics. I expect many of these comments are a direct result of the gonzo-style writing routinely employed by the writers of the farragutpress. The nice thing with the last two editions is, I didn’t even have to turn a page, because the foolishness was right on the front page. The Town Attorney Tom Hale and farragutpress writer Heather Mays have succeeded in making themselves look about as incompetent as humanly possible. The ongoing discussion about the Pilot sign at Campbell Station Road is absurd. The proper term for their sign is “legally non-conforming,” or in laymen’s terms, “grandfathered.” It is not an illegal sign. What’s the definition of a legally non-conforming sign? It is an existing sign that was legally in existence prior to the adaptation, or adoption, of an ordinance which would no longer allow that type of sign in size or type. Here’s a couple of dates for you to consider: from what I remember, the sign in question was erected in 1970 or 1971. The town of Farragut didn’t even exist then, and in fact was founded in 1980. The bottom line is, that sign is older than the town of Farragut. Let me say that again. The sign is older than the town of Farragut. You can’t get much more grandfathered than that. The answer to the question several people have asked is why this lawsuit has been going on for five or six years is simple — this is a frivolous lawsuit that was filed for political reasons that has no basis. In the end, this type of harassment of businesses is exactly why the town of Farragut has a well-deserved reputation for being unfriendly to business. If you can manage to work your way through the nightmare of permitting and approvals, they sue you anyway. Remember the Icearium? Ever wonder why Regal Cinemas moved to the Knox County side of Turkey Creek when they built their large cinema? I hope Pilot continues to stand up for their rights and takes the Town to the woodshed on this one. Thanks.

Editor’s Note: Pilot’s sign was allegedly legally non-conforming, or grandfathered, until Pilot constructed a new building at the site and changed portions of its sign. According to Town ordinances (, a business that makes changes that cause more non-compliance with Town regulations must come to comply with current Town ordinances, including parking and signage requirements. The Pilot sign off Campbell Station has not been grandfathered, and thus has been an allegedly existing non-conforming sign, since 2005.

• Uh, yes. My name is [omitted]. I’m calling in hopes you will change a policy in the future and if you do, I’ll give you my last name as well. My comment is, I believe the farragutpress should require comments published in the sound-off section to include the name of the caller or the person sending the e-mail. It becomes very tiring, I believe, to read complaint after complaint in your newspaper. This week’s had almost three pages of complaints. I ask the question, does the farragutpress have nothing else to write about that it devotes so much space to anonymous negative comments? I think Farragut is a great place to live in and it’s great that you allow this forum to our citizens. However, these negative comments are getting out of hand. Please don’t publish comments without a person being willing to own up to their comments with their name; then only true constructive comments will come out. I wonder how the rest of your readers feel. If there’s anyone else out there that agrees with me, please let the farragutpress know. Thank you.

Editor’s Note: We welcome signed letters to the editor. Send letters to

• Just want to let all our Farragut residents [know] to start sending their $50 now that they’ve done this [inaudible] yield on Grigsby Chapel [Road] and Campbell Station [Road].

• I think I just witnessed the most stupid action of recent times. The contractors working for DOT chose Election Day to tear up the intersection where Grigsby Chapel and Campbell Station come together and do some repaving work. Traffic was backed up all the way down Campbell Station north, up the highway, all the way down the side of the road in both directions. And people coming in to vote after work were probably frustrated to the very maximum. It was probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen in terms of timing and tearing up a road. Somebody needs to do something about this.

• Last night’s election should have had a very sobering effect, not only on those who ran for office but those who voted, and especially those who did not vote. It is called public service, not self-service, for a reason. We’ve had too many of our public officials, especially over the last 25 to 30 years, who have seemed to forgotten this point. Instead of serving the people, they are serving personal agendas, they are serving lobbyists, they are serving corporate agendas, they are serving anything but the constituents and the people of our country. And a big part of the reason that it keeps happening over and over again is you have the voters who are voting for parties. They are not voting for the person, they are not voting for the issues, and they are certainly not voting for their conscience. That is how we have gotten so many horrible programs in place like NAFTA, like the new healthcare reform, tax and spend mentality. That is why we do not have term limits for the Congress and Senate. That is why we do not have line-item veto. That is why we do not have a balanced budget. As a moderate Independent who is somewhat liberal when it comes to women’s and human’s rights, but conservative when it comes to financial and law enforcement issues, it’s time to stand up and say, “No more.” Let everyone know that elected officials are on probation. Being elected is not an entitlement. It’s a gift and a privilege, and it’s about time they remembered that.

• I would just like to say thank you very much to the people who worked the polls on Election Day. I noticed first-hand how unruly some people can be when having to wait in line to cast their vote. And the people who work the election handle it in a manner that’s professional and do their utmost to make sure everyone gets to exercise their right to vote. And I’d just like to say thank you, again, to the people who do this. We really appreciate you and what you do.

• I was just calling in to talk about the calming islands. I just think they’re a waste of time and I think this is why Americans don’t like the government because we’re just wasting money on these useless projects that’s not going to help our environment. We need to feed the poor with that money and get rid of them. Thank you.

• I’m just calling about the new camera light on the corner of Grigsby Chapel [at Campbell Station Road] and it is going to be my reason for not shopping at the [businesses] there on the corner. So if everybody wants that camera light down, stop shopping at that particular [corner]. Join me in boycotting [businesses] because of that $50 fine light. God bless America.

Editor’s Note: According to Ben Harkins, Farragut’s Photo Enforcement manager, the cameras at that intersection are not up yet, and will not be placed until construction is completely finished on CSR at the end of November. The cameras will be placed on northbound and southbound Campbell Station. The Town will have a 30-day warning period after the cameras are installed, so drivers who get a ticket within those 30 days will not have to pay fines.

• Via In responding to the contributor who spoke about recycling and political parties, I realize I am giving him exactly what he wants: attention. However, I would be offended if his accusations, baseless and unintelligent as they are, did not elicit some sort of reaction. I am a young and patriotic American woman who considers herself a Republican and can see that this is exactly the sort of brainless bias that is ripping our country apart. As a new resident of Farragut, I have come to love this community for the respect, civility and friendliness that is shown to me every day by Democrats AND Republicans. I would like to commend those who recycle (Democrat OR Republican) and hope that the person who wrote the original post will come to realize that a person is not made by his political party, but by his everyday actions towards others.

• Via e-mail: It seems that farragutpress sticks up for Ruth Hawk to the point of nauseam. I mentioned that she seemed to have more power than the mayor, the aldermen and the town council. Yes, the mayor and aldermen make up the town council but they are all individuals. So I mentioned each one separately. To comment on the way I worded it is just argumentative. This is not the first time I have said it should be an elected position. Each time farragutpress ignores that comment and only comments on the portion that they can paint Ruth Hawk in a good light. With all the empty buildings in town and the arguments about ordinances, is this what the planning commission has been planning? Yes, farragutpress combined you are more educated than I. Yes, you do know the make up of the town positions better than I. Look around there are almost more empty buildings than full. There is more bickering in this town than any other I know of. Do these things not fall on the planning commission? With the award mentioned, everyone gets an award eventually — it’s a numbers thing. There are only so many planners in Tennessee. Really all I want to know is why is the development director [is] not an elected position?

Editor’s Note: We simply state the facts. The community development director position was not framed in the Town charter of 1980 as an elected position by the founding fathers of the town of Farragut. Persons wanting the position to be an elected one could appear during the Citizens’ Forum at a Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting and propose having a referendum to have that established. The position oversees the construction and adherence to Town building requirements established by the Farragut Municipal Planning Commission and Board of Mayor and Aldermen. Filling the empty buildings falls on the developer of the complex and the commercial realtors the developer engages to complete that task. The Economic Development Committee was set up by the present administration to aid in filling the empty storefronts and attracting new business. There also is the Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce and Farragut Business Alliance, whose goals include increasing commerce in the Town.

• Via Regarding the recent comments on barking dogs, it should be noted that as of July 1, Knox County Animal Control is now dispatched through Knox County Sheriff’s Office. The telephone number you should call is 865-215-2444 and an Animal Control officer will be dispatched. Nuisance pets, particularly barking dogs, are a common complaint for homeowner associations and Knox County Animal Control. First and foremost, speak to your neighbor in a kind but direct manner about the problem pet. If that does not work, Knox County Animal Control will offer solutions and recommendations both for dog owners and neighbors at wits end.


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