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Book publicity firm relocates to Farragut

Farragut is now home to a rather unique business, certainly in this neck of the woods: a book publicity and marketing firm.

Caitlin Hamilton Marketing and Publicity relocated to Farragut from Denver, Colo., about six months ago, owner Caitlin Hamilton Summie said.

Weve been in business for nearly eight years, and what we do is help promote and publicize authors, books and/or publishing houses, as well as literary or literacy organizations and humanity organizations, Hamilton Sum-mie said.

And we work nationwide, she added.

Hamilton Summie said the move to Farragut was for personal reasons, and the nature of her business means it doesnt really matter where we are.

We could really work from anywhere, Hamilton Summie said.

Book publicity firms are located around the country, Caitlin said, but they arent as prolific as general marketing companies.

Its a lot of fun. I love books, Hamilton Summie said.

I think stories, all kinds of stories, are so important. Stories are what connect people. When people meet, they often end up sharing stories about their lives and what were doing is just working with stories in particular formats, she added.

Caitlin Hamilton works with individual authors and with publishing houses.

Weve been best known for working with newer voices and we have a real commitment to newer voices, but we dont work with brand new authors or brand new publishers exclusively.

But they certainly hold a special place in our heart.

We think its important to give new voices a chance, because theyre the next literature for America, the next important new talents, Hamilton Summie said.

In the book publishing climate, Id say its never been easy to give new voices their due, but Id say its all the more hard now; its much harder now given the changes in the publishing industry and the economy, she added.

Hamilton said she and her husband, Rick Summie, who run the business from their home, select books that they love.

Its really, really important to us that we represent books we really care about. And I think its very important for authors to have sincere and passionate advocacy.

After all the time theyve spent on their books, they dont want somebody who isnt invested in the project working with them, Hamilton Summie said.

She said she and Rick have a first meeting with a potential client to gauge their own interest, then read the manuscript.

Its wonderful to be part of the process and see how books come to be, she added.

Caitlin Hamilton Marketing is accepting new clients.

For more information, call 865-675-3776 or visit


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