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Remove the red-light cameras

Donít you just love those wonderful red light cameras? Donít you just love the impact they have on your wallet, especially around the holidays? Isnít it abundantly clear how much safer they are making our busy intersections? Donít you, as a resident of Farragut, appreciate the way our city council members have incorporated these creative revenue generators into our daily activities? Donít you look forward to the new devices that are being placed at the intersection of Grigsby Chapel Road and Parkside Drive, which is the Farragut entrance to Turkey Creek? With all the stores and businesses that you go to in the Turkey Creek area, arenít you excited thinking about the increased chances youíll get to smile for these new cameras?

Turkey Creek attracts many people from the metropolitan area who shop and pay lots of sales tax with their purchases. Donít you know they will look forward to coming back to Turkey Creek when they begin receiving mail from Farragutís friendly red light cameras? According to the Knoxville News-Sentinel, from Nov. 17 to Dec. 31 of last year, Farragut received $193,850 in revenue from red light camera citations. It is probably no coincidence that this newly monitored intersection will be functional for the approaching holiday shopping season.

When I think about this situation, I am compelled to look for options. Lenoir City, which has no red light cameras and a lesser sales tax rate of 9 percent, is looking friendlier and friendlier to me. According to MapQuest, their Walmart is only 3.15 miles further from my home. In fact, most of the same businesses that I frequent in Farragutís red light camera district are also in Lenoir City. Who needs Farragut? And Iím saying this about my own hometown! Is this the community that our city planners wanted to create?

Rebecca Greene


Keep the red-light cameras

I just read a letter against the use of red light cameras and thought Iíd respond.

First, Iíve lived as an adult in Ohio, California, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico and Mississippi, and spent extended time in Texas, Nevada, Alabama, Florida, New York, New Jersey and Kentucky.

In all that, Iíve never seen the level of red-light runners that Iíve seen in Knoxville.

Second, I read an article in the Knoxville paper a few months ago that reported that fines levied through this system decreased over the past year.

Thatís good, because it means the frequency of such a dangerous practice is decreasing.

If you donít like the fine, follow the law.

If you donít run red lights, the cameras should mean nothing to you.

If you donít care, you deserve to cough it up for threatening others.

The problem with a safety measure is that itís impossible to calculate how many lives, how much money and how many resources have been saved by enacting it, including the lives, money and resources of those who gripe about the cameras.

Chuck McGee

West Knoxville


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