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ē I was calling about the streets, and itís just too dark outside and itís getting crowded outside of Cracker Barrel and Pilot [off Campbell Station Road] and I believe we need to get some street lights out there before somebody gets killed. OK, Iím just a freshman in high school. I donít drive yet, but I think that would be a smart thing to do. Thank you.

ē Via e-mail: The former Kroger complex begs attention. It could be the site of a future community center; still others would say why not relocate Town Hall there? The site has the best access of any location ... itís in the heart of Farragut; all offices would be on ground level for seniors and the handicapped. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen had best give this location the attention it deserves because once itís gone; itís off the market. Kroger should work with the Town; after all, look what the Town did for them. Think of the possibilities the site offers. It could easily house an expanded [Farragut] Folklife Museum that would generate more visitors because the location is better; tour bus companies would love the access. The site has already proved its worth in selling and promoting a ďTaste of Farragut!Ē The facility could be a dream home for a much talked about community center with ready-made parking. The building could also double as a second venue for concerts, indoor and outdoor events as well as small trade shows. Talk about a facility that could stimulate business ... the [Farragut West Knox] Chamber of Commerce should stand up and crow. How do you pay for it!!! Experience has demonstrated that funding statues and monuments in parks and at the Town Hall are not the best use of public funds; the Town should also halt the funding of special grants targeted at would-be voters. Budget surpluses could be utilized and a portion of Sales Tax dollars could be a part of the funding mix to pay-off a portion of the debt.


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