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• I vote a big, giant, capital N-O on the red light at the school back entrance. How many red lights do we need on that mile-and-a-half stretch between Kingston Pike and the Interstate? Maybe some of these over-indulged children need to learn to ride the bus instead of driving.

• Now that Campbell Station Road is complete with bike lanes, and now that the Concord Road renovation is on the books, and it’s supposed to have bike lanes, it’s about time we started putting license plates on bicycles and let them cough up a little cash like everyone else that uses the road. Now they’ve got their own lanes, their own laws; they need to pay their own taxes. Anybody [who] uses the roads, they need to pay. Cars got to, buses have, trucks have to, why not bicyclists? [If] they want to use the road, let them pay like the rest of us have to. Only fair.

• Through the Lens has asked an opinion about the light at the Farragut High School [west entrance] and I think it is a good idea. During the time it’s not needed, it could be not in use or a flashing light one way or whatever, but I think it is a good idea because I think the kids coming out of there, if you say you can’t turn left, they’re going to turn left anyway. So just to alleviate that, I think it’s a much better way of spending the money. I think it’s necessary. And about the red light cameras, every big city we’ve ever lived in, they all had red light cameras. People just need to get over it, and when you see a yellow traffic light, get prepared to stop. And at a red light, stop. We see people all the time at Smith Road and Kingston Pike daring, and just going on through, and the same thing at Concord Road. I think it’s a good idea. These people that are complaining about it, they need to grow up. If they don’t like it in Farragut, move out. Go live in Lenoir City if that’s where they want to live. But you need to support your Town; Farragut has got very unhappy people in it, but I don’t see them helping or doing anything like picking up litter. They need to be happy where they live. If they don’t like it, move. Thank you.

• I’m calling regarding the sports program at Farragut High School. It’s very frustrating when students are allowed to be members of our sports teams when they do not, in reality, live within the zones for Farragut High School. Another frustration is when a player quits a team and the coach allows a revolving door policy, and sets no parameters for players to be on the roster and remain there. Instead, they’re allowed to quit and return. Coaches should use the talent within the parameters of the Farragut school zones rather than encouraging students and their families to break these rules.

• Via Great to see those new much need additional traffic lanes on Campbell Station Road ... . Wasn’t expecting the bike lanes, but what the heck, stimulus money paid for them? After they add that second red-light camera at Parkside/Grigsby Chapel intersection it’ll be an almost perfect road. The final touch will come in the near future when we tear up the center lane and add six or seven calming islands.

• Via What was already a difficult intersection for residents, etc. that travel Sonja [Drive] has been made more difficult by the widening of Campbell Station [Road]. They’ve done a great job finishing up the roads and the sidewalks. Now they just need to add a light at Sonja to keep drivers safe. A signaled crosswalk here would also help keep the area safe. The next closest is at Herron [Road].

• Via e-mail: A growing number of restaurants are hazardous to our health. The list of Knox County restaurants failing inspections is unbelievable. The majority of the worst offenders are still in business; some are well-known quality franchises. Minority-owned restaurants dominate the list of the low-scoring, failing restaurants. Restaurants have been found guilty of every cooking and cleaning violation in the book: failing to wash hands; food at dangerous temperatures; roaches and rodents in kitchens; unsanitary storerooms, dirty restrooms and employees caught “red-handed” doing the dumbest things due to a lack of supervision. (Restaurants have more failures than any other business.) Knox County Health [Depart-ment] conducts “free classes” for the few restaurants that send their employees for training to do things the right way. That’s where the “classroom system” breaks down; restaurants are reluctant to pay employees to attend classes; restaurants have a high employee turnover. A percentage of restaurants manage to score in the upper 80s and 90s; 70 is the passing grade, however the number [that] fail is enough to make you lose your appetite. It’s a shame the public doesn’t know, or care how [close] their favorite restaurants came to a failing grade. Even fewer people know how close they came to getting sick because of poor food quality. The health department should consider conducting classes near clusters of restaurants; better yet, consider conducting classes in individual restaurants, not at the health department. Classes could be scheduled so as not to interfere with a restaurant’s operating schedule. North Carolina’s restaurant regulations have “teeth.” Nothing less than a Grade A is permitted, otherwise a restaurant in violation is CLOSED! In Knox County, questionable restaurants get a second chance to remain open after “dodging” a poor score. “Houston, we have a problem!” Where’s the county mayor when you need him?

• Via I feel we are doing an injustice to the students at Farragut High School if we do not do something in regard to the entrance to Farragut High School from Campbell Station [Road]. As a teacher from FHS, it has always been a concern for me to see these students trying to make a left turn on Campbell Station as well as an adult. It is very dangerous and I am surprised we have not had more accidents. A traffic light for Sonja Drive is a no-brainer. As a person who lives in Woodland Trace, it is very difficult to make a left turn on Campbell Station at various times during the day. There is a lot of traffic that comes from Sonja Drive as well as our subdivision. Any consideration would be greatly appreciated.

• Via I think a light at Campbell Station [Road] and Sonja Drive makes more sense than at the end of the [Farragut High School] driveway. FHS is in session 180 days, where we residents turn out there 365 days a year.

• Via A traffic light for a school driveway used 180 days a year and the main concern is left-hand turns exiting in the afternoon? Seems like a no-brainer to me! Simply make it a “no left turn” exit and let the best and brightest from [Farragut High School] use the other two exits from the school. It’s worked for the last year and a half while construction was going on and the Campbell Station exit wasn’t available. How about a traffic light at an actual road that is used 365 days a year 24/7 by residents, visitors, delivery trucks, garbage pickup, mail delivery, etc.? Sonja Drive desperately needed a traffic light before. With the expansion of Campbell Station to four lanes, it’s now a necessity.

• Via The intersection of Sonja [Drive] and Campbell Station [Road] deserves a traffic signal. Instead of installing a traffic light at the intersection of [Farragut High School] driveway and Campbell Station Road, which would only be used twice daily and only on school days, the smarter selection would be the Sonja [Drive] intersection. This would slow down traffic around the FHS driveway and also accommodate the 24/7 use of the traffic light. Also, could someone please turn on the other street lights placed on Campbell Station Road. It is very dark turning onto Sonja Drive at night. At one time the lights were on in the evening but not in the past three years or so.

• Editorial freedom is a wonderful concept, but it does come with its responsibilities. With that in mind, the farragutpress has developed policies that will be followed regarding the publication of presstalk comments:

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