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• I was reading in the farragutpress about [how] the Town ranks No. 2 in the state for most business friendly city listing. That is the funniest thing I have ever heard in my whole entire life.

• I think a traffic light is required at Sonja [Drive] and Campbell Station Road. I have lived in that area for over 20 years, and it’s almost impossible to make a left turn. It’s even now more difficult because we have two lanes coming from the other direction. I feel like this is much more important than putting one at the back road of the high school. Thank you.

• In regards to the Campbell Station additional red lights — that’s something we don’t need. The one at Sonja Drive we don’t need; we’ve not had one there forever and as far as the one going into the back of the school, go up there and see how many parking spaces are up at the school. What the school board needs to do is make the road go from their parking lot up there down to Concord Road, and let everybody exit there at the red light. That’s all you need to do. They can either go left or right. It’d make it so much easier on everybody, and we wouldn’t be cluttering up a good road we’ve got now. Thank you.

• I’d like to say I’m in complete agreement with the person who wrote the write-up on the Knox County restaurants and their very poor grades. You know, we’re all in this thing together and I think we ought to be doing something to make sure that if you can’t get a restaurant that could have at least a 90, it needs to be closed down and fixed. Thank you.

• We’re against putting anymore red lights on Campbell Station Road. Those kids parking up at Farragut have got two exits they can come out of; one of them is down on Concord Road [at West End Avenue] and one of them is right there across from the [old] Kroger. There’s plenty of room and everything to drive down that way, so they need to leave a little earlier or stay a little later so they can get out on time if that’s what they want to do. But “let’s spend the extra money to put in another red light for nothing” is a waste of time and money.

• First, I want to say I am so glad the construction on Campbell Station Road is finally finished. The new lanes and the layout of the road have definitely alleviated so much of the traffic problems, even before the construction began. I think they did a wonderful job. No. 2, I am a proponent of the red light cameras. There needs to be a red-light camera at Campbell Station and the entrance to Village Green. Every single day, parents run the red lights leaving Village Green or going down Campbell Station Road to take their kids to school. It’s bad enough they don’t care about endangering their lives and their own children, but they have no right to endanger mine or anybody else’s. Maybe if they got caught with enough red-light camera tickets, and they got hit in the pocketbooks — maybe that’s something they care about — maybe they would set their alarm 10 minutes earlier, start taking responsibility for their own lives and actions and oh — here’s a novel concept — obey the law.

• Via Isn’t just one child’s life worth more than $100,000?

• Via I believe they should make the Campbell Station Road exit [at FHS] a right turn only. All those needing to go to Kingston Pike can use the exit by the baseball field. To the writer who said “the over indulged children” should ride the bus: These high school students are held to the highest standards. They are already taking college classes, which lead to hours of homework every night, they have jobs, they are active in clubs, and they participate in community service activities, sports, dance, etc. These kids do not have an extra two hours in their day to ride the bus to school. And for all of you who think they should cut back on activities, this is what it takes to get into college these days, including [The University of Tennessee]. In their lives time is sometimes money, but most often it is sleep. I doubt most of you car pool to work because you usually run extra errands while you are out to save time. Our kids are the same.

• Via e-mail: With regard to last week’s presstalk article entitled “A growing number of restaurants are hazardous to our health,” let us not forget the [Knox County Health Department] score of 62 that was awarded to [a local Farragut restaurant] this week ... nor the numerous issues related to the green onions at [national chain location]. Personally, I have yet to receive a poorly prepared meal at dining establishments operated by local minority business owners ... unlike the regional/national chain facilities.

• Just a note to all you recreational bicyclists out there, there are laws governing your riding conduct. You should set an example; not be a hazard to others. This past weekend while it was pouring rain, I had the displeasure of getting behind three bikers on Fox Road who were riding three abreast. After following them at a slow pace for nearly a mile, the bikers never attempted to get into the mandatory single file for motorists to pass. Later, I had the misfortune to be behind a lone bicyclist on Boyd Station Road. I was the eighth or ninth vehicle being held up by this person who was too important to pull off the road and let others by as the law reads. This same biker held traffic at bay while he slowly scaled up a blind hill, which didn’t have the sight distance to allow safe passage all the while passing several driveways. It’s time that Knox County either licensed bikers or made some attempt at enforcing existing laws.

• Via In response to your article concerning the request for a traffic light at the Farragut High School driveway onto Campbell Station Road, the residents of Woodland Trace Subdivision had previously requested consideration to be given to putting a signal at Sonja [Drive] and Campbell Station. We had been told that a traffic study would need to be conducted. I’ve never been notified of the study being completed. If a study is done at the high school driveway, one should also be included at the Sonja [Drive] intersection as well. As one of our neighbors pointed out, the high school driveway will be used for only part of the year twice a day. Sonja Drive is used 365 days a year 24/7. In our opinion, it is more beneficial to have a traffic light at Sonja/ Campbell Station, where there is a painted crosswalk, as opposed to the high school driveway. For the safety of the students, the driveway at the high school should be a right-turn-only because inexperienced drivers would be crossing a bike lane and two lanes into a turning lane when making a left.

• Via e-mail: Having suffered through many months of construction, I think the Campbell Station Road project has turned out wonderfully. I think the bike paths are a nice touch. Unfortunately, the very first bicyclist I see on the new portion of Campbell Station Road only reinforced the tension between motorists and bicyclists. This morning (Dec. 3), I witnessed a bicyclist traveling north on Campbell Station Road and NOT riding in the bike lane. He was straddling the white line and moving into the right lane on occasion, causing myself and another motorist to move over to observe the “three foot rule.” This same bicyclist then arrives at the light at Grigsby Chapel [Road] and proceeds to make an illegal left turn on a red light. It’s great that an accommodation has been made for bicyclists on Campbell Station Road, but bicyclists must earn the respect of motorists by following the rules if they intend to share the road without incurring wrath with their “I can do whatever I want” actions.


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