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• Via e-mail: I have to take offense at the anonymous writer that took the cheap shot at a private Christian school, the issue of which being the parents supposedly failing to stop for school buses on Kingston Pike. I travel this route quite frequently and many times find myself behind these very same school buses as they make their various stops along Kingston Pike. The vehicles I have observed over the years that fail to stop for the bus at the Russgate [Boulevard] pickup are rarely turning into the church. Many of the violators appear to be teenagers or parents with children in the car that I would suppose are rushing to one of Farragut’s public schools! If anyone cares to follow the buses some time you’ll notice that this “failure to stop” situation occurs far more frequently than it should, and at a lot more bus stops than just Russgate. So rather than try to dish a particular group that you obviously have issues with, why didn’t you take the opportunity to educate all of our drivers about “The School Bus Stop Law” as it applies to a stopped school bus on Kingston Pike? To summarize the Tenn. Driver Study Guide, if you’re traveling in the same direction as a school bus that has stopped and activated its lights and sign, then you’re supposed to STOP. If you’re approaching a stopped school bus from the opposite direction, you’re also supposed to STOP unless there is a physical barrier separating the lanes, but even then you’re supposed to proceed with caution. Even if our own kids don’t ride the school bus, we should be vigilant and report those drivers that pass a stopped school bus. Get their tag number, document the time and location of the violation, and contact the school board with the info. They can probably take it from there.

• Via e-mail: This is for the opinion writer that sent in their sarcastic comment about [The University of Tennessee] basketball player taking a bowling class: be forewarned that I’m not going to give you the benefit of the doubt because you did not give the UT basketball player the benefit of the doubt. I doubt you’ve attained any higher education or competed in athletics beyond a casual level; if you had, you might realize that physical education (PE) is required for many college degrees, and that the physical demands of serious sports can leave one too exhausted to eat, much less study. So, it makes perfect sense to get the PE requirements out of the way when the sport is in season. Even if the PE courses are not a requirement, who are you to judge? In my book, it’s smart time management.

• Via e-mail: To the person who wrote, “It’s Thursday morning, Dec. 9, about 7:30 and I am on my way to work,” and was complaining about people not stopping for the buses. Thanks for texting and driving. While it is not legal to pass school buses, it is also not legal to text and drive.

Editor’s Note: Unless prefaced with an electronic source, presstalks are called in at 671-TALK (8255) and our staff does the typing.

• Via e-mail: Just left our wonderful post office facility this morning. It took me over an hour standing in a line that went out the door! There were only TWO people working 10 days before Christmas! There were elderly people standing in line that had to leave, because they were hurting from standing so long! When is the [U.S. Postal Service] and the town of Farragut going to do something about this? Unbelievable!

Editor’s Note: The federal government controls the U.S.P.S. The town of Farragut has no influence or control over the post office.


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