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• Via e-mail: I liked the story on LCUB, it would be interesting to know how those revenues jumped 34 percent. Rates have increased for years now and it looks as maybe DIY solar has become the new popular wave to reduce utility costs. The electric giants now have serious competition and should be lowering rates ASAP in order to stay afloat.

• Via e-mail: Perhaps one of your readers can explain the moral values of those who vehemently oppose the three traffic cameras in our town. Why is it acceptable for a machine, a cash register, to collect government fees, sales tax, from poor families earning less than $30,000 per year when they buy their groceries? Why is it unacceptable for machines, traffic cameras, to record the actions of those who cannot behave legally at an intersection, resulting in collection of fees, fines and court costs? If we ban traffic cameras, should we not also ban cash registers from collecting sales tax at Krogers, Ingles and Fresh Market? After all, it’s only fair!

• Via e-mail: Hummm. From my perch, it seems that we widen Campbell Station Road to facilitate the flow of congested traffic. Immediately thereafter, (a few) citizens clamor for traffic signals to impede the flow of the (now) free-flowing traffic. What a country!

• Via Sunday evening we had the honor of enjoying a wonderful Advent Dinner at Tellico Village Community Church. The first Sunday of Advent is “hope” and I left this dinner with so much “hope” for the future generation of this nation. Why hope? — the Farragut choral group, directed by Kenton Deitch. Twenty-four seniors, juniors and sophomores, that not only entertained throughout the dinner but also served, in full costume, our food, cleaned the tables — with a smile, conversation and courtesy that was wonderful. The theme was a Madrigal Dinner. We enjoyed listening to various songs from around the world that all led to the “quest for the coveted Golden Vuvuzela” and ended the evening with “Silent Night.” If the parents of these teens are PROUD, they have every right for smiling, chest expanding and shirt buttons popping — their kids are some of the best! If Farragut [High] School is proud of the Choral Department — they have reason for PRIDE. When you have an opportunity to watch the Farragut choral group perform make sure you don’t miss some of the most enthusiastic and talented youth seen in a long time. Thank you Farragut Admirals; hope to see you again next year at TV Community Church!


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