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Matlock Tire getting a facelift

Matlock Tire along Kingston Pike is getting a facelift.

“We hope it will be more comfortable, more convenient and more options for people,” Matlock general manager Tim Williams said of the renovations.

“We’re thrilled to be going into the new year with a new face,” he added.

The most noticeable change for Matlock customers and motorists along the Pike is the new façade of the building, which will include a front porch.

“The façade, or the awning out front, will allow us a porch area where it will be under roof ... for customer convenience, getting in and out of cars and that kind of thing,” Williams said.

Williams said the building was constructed in the mid-1990s and was in need of a little updating.

“The signage and so forth was up to date back then,” he said.

The sign in front of the building is being bricked up, and another smaller sign is being constructed at Matlock’s entrance drive to help ease motorist confusion over which entrance drive belongs to the business.

The interior of the business also will see some changes, from cosmetic additions such as can lighting and new countertops to a new waiting area with a television.

“We’ve got ample waiting area now for adults and children both; this will just make another area for people who want another area,” Williams said.

All of the renovations should be completed by the first of February.

For more information about Matlock, 10730 Kingston Pike, call 865-966-0425.


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