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letter to the editor

Thank you for the front page article in today’s [Jan. 6] farragutpress alerting the community to the soon-to-be installed “red-light cameras” at the intersection of Campbell Station and Grigsby Chapel roads. Hopefully this advance notice, and the following 30-day warning period, will result in a smooth activation.

However, being aware of previous opinions that have been expressed concerning these devices, I would like to draw your readers’ attention to an article published in the Dec. 15, 2010, edition of the Knoxville News Sentinel where the Knoxville Police Department went on record stating that “accidents are down from three years ago at some [red-light camera] intersections” and then went even further to note reductions in both angle and rear-end collisions at these intersections.

Since the Knox County Sheriff’s Office has reported some 15 motor-vehicle accidents in the vicinity of the identified intersection in just the past six months, it is hoped that the proposed installation will also result in a corresponding reduction in accidents at this location. If a farragutpress reader happened to be involved in just one of these 15 accidents, I am confident that the same reader would agree that it was one accident too many and also one accident that did not need to happen.

It was also interesting to note from your article that some 2,154 verified red-light camera citations were issued in just Farragut during the third quarter of 2010. While it [is] appreciated that there has been significant reduction in verified citations over previous periods, the simple fact that there were still approximately 25 verified citations issued every day in Farragut, for just three intersections, indicates that greater attention could be given to the art of driving and obeying all traffic regulations, whether there is an officer present or not.

John P. Randle



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