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Town admits having few options to halt trucks

Alderman Bob Markli presented a letter from a constituent to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen at its meeting Thursday, Jan. 13, alleging increased truck traffic along Grigsby Chapel Road.

The letter, from Tom Scanlon, asked that the Town pursue options with Knox County and TDOT to make the road a “no truck” road.

Markli said he had hoped the truck traffic would leave Grigsby Chapel once the construction on Campbell Station Road was complete, but so far, it hasn’t.

His question brought up a larger issue that has long been a problem along Town roads — semi-truck drivers avoiding the weigh station along the Interstate between the Watt Road and Campbell Station Road exits.

“It’s no secret trucks dodge the weighing station,” Alderman John Williams said, adding he commonly saw trucks exit the Interstate at Watt Road and presumably return at Campbell Station Road to avoid weighing in.

“These guys are not stopping anywhere on Kingston Pike. It’s a real problem,” Farragut resident James Remont, who was sitting in the audience, said.

“These are 18-wheeler guys, from out of town, and they are missing the weigh station,” he added.

But Town Engineer Darryl Smith said he was unsure what the Town could do about the problem.

“I’m not exactly sure what kind of enforcement we can provide,” Smith said.

The Town does not have its own police force; Knox County Sheriff’s Office provides patrols in the area that are similar to any other area of Knox County.

“No Trucks” signs, pictured above, already are posted at the Town limits off Watt Road, warning truck drivers not to use Farragut roads as a way around the weighing station.

Remont said he often ran along Grigsby Chapel and saw semi-trucks on a regular basis, trucks that clearly had no business on the residential road.

“I’m ready to do something about it,” he said.

“What we need to do is sit out there and take pictures or something. I don’t know if I have that kind of time to track that,” he added.

Town administrator David Smoak said the Town would look into a solution with Tennessee Highway Patrol and KCSO.

“It’s going to get worse as word gets out that, ‘Hey. Nobody cares what goes through Farragut. Why don’t y’all just skip the weigh station?’” Remont said.


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