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Studio 102 marks five years

A Farragut photography studio is celebrating five years in Renaissance | Farragut.

Studio 102, 12744 Kingston Pike, Suite 102, will mark its fifth later this year, and owner Randy Frank said his business was one of the first to locate in the Myers brothers’ commercial and office development.

“I knew about Farragut because I had lived here before, so when we saw the Renaissance ... it’s obvious to see that the upper end of Knoxville has to expand toward Farragut,” Frank, a Maryville native, said.

“And we talked to Knick and Noah Myers and decided this is where we wanted to be; we liked what they were doing and liked the potential of Renaissance,” he added.

Studio 102 specializes in portfolio, portraiture and wedding and bridal photographs.

But what sets the studio apart, Frank said, is how he and fellow Studio 102 partner Jimmy Chiarella use lighting.

“The single thing that sets us apart is lighting.

“It’s the core of what we do. It’s why someone comes to us. There are two kinds of photographs: one shows you what a person looks like; the other tells you who they are,” Frank said.

“The deal is, a camera does nothing but record the story the light is telling. The camera is simply an instrument. Everything happens in the relationship between the photographer and the way he or she sees light,” he added.

Frank said he doesn’t place his subjects into set environments or impose pre-set lighting on them.

“I want to do something to make your personality come through with the lighting.”

According to Frank, lighting should accent not only your facial structure but your very personality.

“I really do an analysis of the face ... and at the same time tell the story of who that subject is,” he said.

“You can use those lighting patterns to say a lot about the subject in front of you,” he added.

Because of all that, Frank said his studio sessions aren’t the same as many other photographers’.

“Our sessions are really psychological exercises; they truly are,” he said.

According to Frank, showing emotions in photographs requires not just a certain “look” or expression, but actually reaching into your mind and recalling certain emotions.

Frank found photography through a history in the fashion world.

“I just started shooting portfolios for some beginning models and new designers and that sort of thing,” Frank said.

He opened Studio 102 in 2006, after pursuing fashion photography in Los Angeles, Calif., for more than 20 years and then going on a photography shoot in Southeast Asia. Frank, a Maryville native, returned to the Knoxville area to open his own studio.

Studio 102 sessions are by appointment.

For more information, visit or call 865-977-8350.


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