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• It was interesting to read how some people try to rationalize why they shouldn’t be ticketed for breaking a state law [turning right on red without stopping]. Apparently, the caller did it because, like a 10-year-old, he didn’t think anyone was watching. And when he was caught by a camera instead of a police officer, he wasn’t remorseful, but only angry at the city for using lower-cost technology to enforce the law. What a wonderful lesson this so-called family and church-going man provides to all of us. It must also give his employer, spouse and pastor something to think about when they can’t be watching him.

• What does it take to go lease a part-time traffic light at Grigsby Chapel [Road] and St. John [Court]? There was just a broadside accident before the Sunday evening church service. Traffic coming west can’t be seen coming over that rise in the road, especially when they’re coming fast. This is not only the only entrance to three subdivisions, but it is also the entrance to a grade school and a church. Why does Fox Den qualify for a stop sign? Why does Andover qualify for a stop sign, and one block away, Hickory Woods? None of them have churches or schools; none of them are entrances to three subdivisions. We have three stop signs within three blocks of each other on Smith Road. Grigsby Chapel has become a main arterial street, and the traffic has not abated since Campbell Station was widened. The Town engineer can deny all he wants that Grigsby Chapel is not an arterial street, but it is. Calming islands or not. Traffic has an unimpeded thoroughfare from Smith Road to Campbell Station. Everyone seems to know it except the city. Someone is going to get killed; is that what it takes? Or maybe we need to have someone become an alderman in our subdivision, and then we’ll get traffic signs or part-time traffic lights. Thank you.

• On your Through The Lens comment about trucks in Farragut: when did the ordinance go in place? When did the town of Farragut issue it? Are there signs posted on the Interstate or on Watt Road or whatever road these trucks, these tractor-trailers, may come on? This accident that you reported, who did the police issue the fault — was it the tractor-trailer or was it the SUV? I have a problem with a small town like Farragut issuing an order when Kingston Pike is a state highway. We are not L.A.; we are not New York City, and I would just like to let people know without tractor-trailers, their life would be awfully bad. They deliver food, clothes, medicine, and we go on and on and on. Thank you.

Editor’s Note: As per our story on, the truck driver admitted fault to rear-ending the other vehicle. The town of Farragut limits are posted against through tractor-trailer traffic on Watt and Campbell Station roads near the Interstate intersections. The ordinance and signs have been in place for more than 20 years.

• Yes, I would like to compliment the town of Farragut and its engineering department for the outstanding job they’ve done in the last month in keeping our Farragut streets clean and clear of snow and ice, how rapidly they responded to some trouble spots. And compared to the rest of Knox County or the region, you’ll see how outstanding this engineering department is.

Editor’s Note: The Town department in charge of salting and clearing roads of ice and snow is the Public Works Department under Bud McKelvey.

• Hello. I’m calling about the trucks driving through Farragut. I know that there’s limitation on what Farragut can do and how it can be enforced, but I think you could get our [State] Rep. [Ryan] Haynes to get a bill passed, a local bill in the state legislature, and then the Sheriff’s Office should be able to patrol it. The other thing you could do is ask the state people to patrol these people who are driving around the weigh station. That is a Tennessee problem.

Editor’s Note: With state cutbacks in personnel due to budget restraints, there are few Tennessee Highway Patrol officers available for this purpose.

• Regarding the semi-trucks and vehicles that had an accident on Everett Road and Kingston Pike. We travel Everett, Smith and Grigsby Chapel roads on a regular basis and have never seen a semi-truck on any of these roads. Farragut now has too many rules, regulations and ordinances. The mayor and aldermen should do away with many of these, and they would see people open more businesses in Farragut, [and] shop here. Businesses have heard about hard times going to just try to open a new business in Farragut. You hear this in other cities and the problems they are going to put up with if they move here. Look, our businesses and empty buildings, look at them. It seems like our elected officials would see this or [are] they wondering why people won’t come? Mayor and aldermen, put your feet down on these crazy things. You’ll see people move back into Farragut with nice businesses.

• No beer or alcohol products of any kind in our parks. The parks are a place for children, families, elderly people and people who want to get out and enjoy the fresh air. It is not the place to have a big beer-drinking, alcohol-consuming party. If the Taste of Farragut people want to have these kinds of events, let them have it somewhere else, but not in our parks.

• Via In response to the person who wrote saying the current system of taxation in Tennessee is not moral: I strongly disagree with him! One of the things that make living in Tennessee so great is that we all pay the same Sales Tax percentage. The only fair (“moral”) system of taxes does NOT increase percentages as income goes up, or decrease them because you own your home instead of renting, or because you have more children, or any of the other things the government has dreamed up that treat one group of people more favorably than another. ONLY when everyone is treated equally are you moral. As for the 1 percent of earners that the writer said only paid 4 percent tax in Tennessee, remember that the top 1 percent paid 38 percent of all the FEDERAL taxes collected in 2008! At least $3.5 billion of those came to Tennessee. Those in the bottom 20 percent paid NO federal taxes! Talk about immoral! That is legalized robbery of the rich by the poor! Again, we all should pay exactly the same percentage, whatever it is. (When God instituted the tithe, everyone paid the same percentage, regardless of income — The ONLY fair way!)

• Via Hey folks who are against the red-light cameras, now is the time to be heard and counted. Mail or e-mail in your vote to the farragutpress. They asked us to let our voices be heard! By the way, it is the folks who are pro-red light camera that seem to be on high horses. They are constantly judging the ones who are against them! I have a feeling that slowing down, looking both ways, and proceeding with caution before turning right, is even safer than coming to a complete stop, then starting forward again. I think the person who said we need to reconsider the law, might be on to something ... !

• Via In the Jan. 20 presstalk an individual who attends church in Farragut expressed displeasure with receiving a red-light ticket for making a “rolling stop” while turning on red. I found a couple of things interesting in this emotional sharing. First, I’m sure this person’s church does not teach to interpret the law to your liking. Second, you can’t both be rolling and stopped, and the state driver manual tells us to come to a complete stop at a red light before turning right. The threat to not shop in Farragut where all drivers are expected to follow the law seems childish. You got caught rolling through a red light ... admit you were wrong ... pay the fine ... start complying with the law and quit whining.

• Via e-mail: Seriously, the town of Farragut now mandates bike racks at all future office and commercial buildings? Seriously? … Ruth Hawk (Farragut Community Development director) says, “We’re ‘GOING’ to see more and more people using bicycles for commuting.” Seriously? I’m confident that Hawk is convinced that at some point “Global Warming” will surely do-in the entire planet. Let’s be sure Farragut isn’t responsible for the demise of humanity. I’d like to see the numbers, you know, evidence. Guessing, or “GOING” to see, is just inexact. Five thousand people will ride their bike to a new IKEA store. That’s evidence, or at least a debatable fact. Placing bike racks at a Home Depot, as cited in the article, I agree is ridiculous. Now the battle begins ... . Home Depot didn’t install 20 bike racks at a 100,000 square foot building. We need one bike rack per 5,000 square feet of space, right? IKEA, says “no” to the ordinance, and boom, there you are. If I were a progressive (like Hawk), I’d be begging businesses to locate here, but make sure you bring a “bike rack” with ya. It’s like handicapped parking at a golf course; it’s rarely used and a waste of money. [Stuff] like this is just another dagger in the retail-heart of potential businesses locating here. Seriously? If nothing else, each member of FBOMA should resign immediately. Wasting time and effort on this ridiculous measure proves our illustrious ‘leaders’ are no smarter than a street gang bent on choosing their neighborhood colors. I’ll be there on Jan. 27, if for no other reason than to laugh … when, in their infinite wisdom, the FBOMA passes this … .

• Via e-mail: Regarding the article on bike racks, which quoted Ruth Hawk excusing Home Depot from the requirement because “No one’s going to be going down, carrying their lumber on their backs on their bicycles,” I’d like to point out that most of what Home Depot and similar stores sells is not lumber. I personally have never bought anything in such stores that I couldn’t carry home on a bike. Probably half their inventory would fit handily in a bike pannier or basket. Cargo bikes, of course, can carry lumber, but even your average Joe cyclist could use a bike for many Home Depot visits. If there were a bike rack there, of course.


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