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Town hosts citizens’ summit
BOMA welcomes input for 5-year strategic plan

Would you like to give input on the future of Farragut? 

That’s the call from Farragut’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen, which will host a community summit at 6 p.m., Monday, Feb. 7, to discuss Farragut’s future.

“The Board of Mayor and Aldermen have been working on their vision for the town of Farragut for the next 10 to 15 years, and now they’re having this citizen’s summit s citizens from around the area can come give their input on whether or not there’s anything that needs to be added or changed,” Town administrator David Smoak said.

“It’s really testing to see if the Board is on track with their vision for where the Town needs to be headed,” he added.

The summit will be held in the Board Room of Town Hall, 11408 Municipal Center Drive.

Any participants should be ready to spend about two hours at the summit working with facilitators and the Board.

The evening will include an overview of what the Board has done so far, and then will include a break-out session of small groups to test the goals the Board has set and add any others that seem important.

The summit will seek community input on a few goals the Board produced out of a December visioning session. The goals are part of the Town’s strategic plan, which outlines Farragut’s vision and goals for the next 10 to 15 years.

“These are broad-based goals,” Smoak said.

A few of the Board’s draft goals for the next five years include maintaining a fiscally sound Town, providing excellent services, strengthening the local economy, developing historical assets and facilitating future growth and development.

Those five-year goals will be broken down into more defined objectives with specific action items to implement each year.

“From year to year, in our goal-setting sessions we’ll actually sit down and actually try to figure out what we need to do as a town to accomplish those broad-based goals,” Smoak said.

The benefits of a strategic plan mean the Board will be able to strategically plan where the Town goes, rather than just reacting to changing situations.

“That way, we know all of our dollars are being spent proactively and on things that will help us achieve our goals,” Smoak said.

This will be the first strategic plan any Farragut Board has completed.

According to Smoak, the Board could finalize the plan as soon as mid-February and the complete strategic plan could be finalized by March.

The Board hired consultant Lyle Sumek to help draft the strategic plan.

For more information on the summit, call 865-966-7057.


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