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‘Mrs. Farragut’ to greet Dogwood visitors

Farragut’s Economic Development Committee got a rundown of Dogwood Arts Festival events from one of its members at its meeting Wednesday, Feb. 2.

Nancy Howard presented a list of Farragut events being planned during April in conjunction with Dogwood Arts, to which the town of Farragut donated $8,000 this year.

“Tourism is economic development,” Howard, a stay-at-home mom and Loudon County resident, said.

The Town has historically donated money to Dogwood Arts each year, but the money has never resulted in many — if any — events held in Farragut each spring. This year, the EDC charged itself with planning events to coordinate with Dogwood Arts and used the $8,000 donation to feature Farragut more prominently in Festival literature and advertising.

One of the most contentious Festival shortfalls of recent years has been the bus tours of dogwood trails in Farragut, which haven’t stopped anywhere in Town. This year, Howard said, they will stop at Town Hall.

“They’re going to make a stop at Town Hall. We’re going to have someone dressed up as Mrs. Farragut; there will be tea and crumpets,” Howard said.

She didn’t elaborate on just who Mrs. Farragut might be.

Farragut’s Russell Campbell House, at the corner of Kingston Pike and Campbell Station Road, will be open for historic tours Saturday, April 9. “Art in the Park,” a Farragut Business Alliance event in which artists will create works in Farragut’s parks and then auction them off, will take place April 9, 10 and 15.

“Farragut Culinary Adventure of the Arts,” another FBA event, will be held Friday, April 8, at Bridgemore Clubhouse and will feature a multi-course wine dinner that will raise money for art programs at Farragut High School.

Farragut Arts Council also is planning its annual BookFest for children at Campbell Station Park Saturday, April 16.

The EDC also disbanded its current subcommittees and replaced them with new ones in an effort to align itself with its newly written strategic plan, which has yet to be adopted by the town of Farragut.

The new committees are geared around broad-based action items: relationships, recruitment and events and tourism.

On the relationships committee will be Ginny McLain-Tate, Howard, Naoko Blue, Jim Holladay and Pamela Treacy. On the recruitment committee will be Jim Nixon, Bob Markli, Brad Fitch and Knick Myers. On the tourism and events committee will be David Purvis, Phil Dangel and Ram Suga.

The EDC didn’t nail down each committee’s priorities, leaving that up to the individual sub-committees themselves.

The subcommittee membership won’t stay the same for long; in July, five members of the EDC will reach the end of their terms, and may or may not reapply. The EDC has decided to lower its membership by attrition, so if a member whose term expires does not reapply, it is unlikely to be filled.

Fitch, Purvis, Howard, Treacy and Nixon all will roll off the EDC in July; none had decided at the meeting if they would reapply.


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