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• I agree with the caller who stated that [State Rep. District 14] Ryan Haynes is a gentleman and a good man. Unfortunately, even good people make mistakes, and Ryan’s plan to allow rolling stops at red lights is a terrible idea. Prevention of injuries and deaths outweigh any inconvenience the impatient red-light runners could possibly experience. Take a deep breath, drink less coffee or cola and try to enjoy life. Thank you.

• I want to know why the principal of Farragut High School, Michael Reynolds, is allowed to keep the entrance to the school at Campbell Station Road closed, long after construction has been completed. People, wake up. This is Knox County property, not Mr. Reynolds’ personal driveway. We pay taxes for this property, yet we are being held hostage by one man’s decision to keep the entrance road closed. I went to high school there, and now my children attend Farragut High School, and it really inconvenienced me to have to drive all through Farragut to have to get them to school. We were told once the construction was finished, we could have our entrance to the school back for use. He can do all the studies he wants — whether you put in a light or an island — but in the meantime, open up the darn entranceway. And for those who are trying to make sense of this, if you have to put a traffic light in to slow traffic down on Campbell Station, the smart thing would be to put it at the end of Sonja Drive, where it would be used 24/7, not eight or nine months out of the year, only two times a day to benefit drivers. I hope that someone in higher powers other than Mr. Reynolds can figure that out and use our tax dollars wisely. Thank you.

• I think [State Rep.] Ryan Haynes is totally wrong on his thoughts about red-light cameras. It is a proven statistic: they save lives. And who is to judge what a “rolling stop” is? He should spend his time on more important things. Red-light cameras are a good thing for Farragut.

• I wanted to express my support for the traffic light cameras. If anything, we need more of them. So what if it is a revenue making mechanism for the Town? That’s a good thing. Would we rather that we incorporated in such a way as we have our own police force? That would be taxation. What about video cameras that are used elsewhere that catch criminals? Are the folks who are opposed to these cameras also opposed to those? Traffic enforcement, law enforcement needs all the help they can get. I haven’t gotten a ticket from a red-light camera and I hope I don’t. But it certainly has made me more conscious of traffic laws. Give us more cameras, not fewer.

• I’m calling about parents who are dropping their kids off at Farragut Primary School and the parents who volunteer every morning to open the doors for them, to ensure the safety of their children. They need to be more appreciative. I just spent the morning there and over half, I would say, of the parents and the kids did not acknowledge in any way that they were being helped. And I think it sets a terrible example when the parent just doesn’t even say anything to you, when you’re opening the door, when you’re spending the morning and it’s freezing cold outside, and you’re doing something to help them ... and they can’t even say “Good morning” or “Thank you” or anything. So I think people need to really consider the example they’re setting for their kids by not acknowledging when someone does something for them. Because I always made my children say “please” and “thank you” at least for anything.

• I have a friend who works at a Post Office across town. He told me that their manager gave them a ham or turkey as a Christmas gift, and that other Post Offices in the area did the same. I asked one of our clerks at the Farragut Post Office what was his choice, and he said that they did not receive anything. How sad. I’m at the Post Office at least three times a week; I see how hard they work. They stand for hours. I treat everyone with respect, even when people make disrespectful comments. I always give my carrier a Christmas present. Shame on me, I did not give any to the Post Office clerk. Well, Valentine’s holiday is around the corner and I know they would appreciate chocolates. Won’t you join me with a little bit of chocolate? Thank you for hearing. These poor people stand all day and my Post Office carrier, he rides around in a car all day, so please just think about how long they serve you, and I think they should be thought about in a better way, and treated nicely. Thank you.

• I was at Food City on Saturday, doing a lot of grocery shopping, and I had bought some green beans and I also bought some little potatoes. And when I got home, I emptied all my stuff out and didn’t have the potatoes. And I knew I had gotten them, so I grabbed my receipt and they were on there. I called the Food City back today and the manager, I think her name was Marsha, was kind enough to get in her car and bring me some potatoes down here so I could have them with my green beans. Please, everybody, shop Food City. Thank you.

• Hi. I live in Sugarwood, and on Kingston Pike I’m trying to get to Weigel’s and I can’t get to it legally because the striped lines are there, so what am I supposed to do? Pull in and turn around and go back? Very inconvenient. I mean, if you want us to be true Americans and obey the law, then I believe we should get rid of the dotted yellow lines and let us pull in. Thanks.

Editor’s Note: The no-left turn entrance into Weigel’s from Kingston Pike was designed at the request of Sugarwood residents, who wanted to avoid cross-traffic from drivers turning into Sugarwood and into Weigel’s from the same turn lane. The right-turn in only entrance to Weigel’s from Kingston Pike was a compromise to avoid accidents on Kingston Pike. From Kingston Pike driving eastbound, the proper way to enter Weigel’s is to turn onto Smith Road and then into the Weigel’s entrance.

• Via e-mail: I am a resident of the historic Concord district down by the railroad tracks. Norfolk Southern brought in repair equipment over the weekend. It was removed yesterday. What was NOT removed was dangerous trash — metal containers, empty sardine cans, equipment lubricant, paper trash, food wrapper trash. Also, the new asphalt placed last summer was impacted with heavy grooves. There is even a Norfolk Southern checklist left behind. It is reprehensible. The trash is between Spring and Olive streets on the tracks.

• Via e-mail: With all of the complaining that goes on here I thought it worth praising whoever made the decision to put a guardrail on the right side of Everett Road just past the Interstate overpass. I cannot tell you [how] scary it is to start down that hill when the weather is bad and the possibility exists that you could slide right off a cliff!! My teenage daughter now takes this very road on her way to the Hardin Valley Academy and I can’t thank whoever made the decision to install this guardrail enough. Thank you so much town of Farragut!!!

• Do the various churches compensate the Knox County sheriff’s deputies that direct traffic following services in Farragut and other areas of Knoxville? Also, a note to West Knoxville drivers, particularly Farragut drivers. The use of automobile turn signals is not optional when making a turn or lane change. It is the law. Please activate them before you make your move.

Editor’s Note: KCSO officers are compensated by the churches. Also, Farragut is not part of West Knoxville, it is an incorporated municipality. However, it is part of West Knox County.

• Via e-mail: In last week’s [farragutpress] someone brought up the issue, once again, in regards to the intersection of Grigsby Chapel Road and St. John Court and how dangerous it is. I totally agree. I live in one of the subdivisions off St. John Court and I have to navigate cautiously through this intersection every morning and afternoon to take my children to and from school. I have even considered moving because it is so dangerous. First of all, NO ONE abides by the 25 mph school zone when flashing. I can’t tell you how many times someone almost hits me pulling out of the intersection because they were speeding. I’m not talking about five or maybe 10 miles over the speed limit. It is more like 15 or 20 mph over the speed limit. You cannot see a vehicle over the rise until they are on you. One resident that lives in the curve after St. John Court doesn’t have a mailbox up anymore because it was continuously knocked down by speeders going off the road. I ask the same question: Why is it that Fox Den, Hickory Woods and Andover [are] able to have stop signs and we don’t? As the writer had mentioned last week, there are three subdivisions, a school and church off St. John Court and [it is] very dangerous to get in or out. The most economical and sensible solution is a three-way stop sign at this intersection. You will eliminate the need for an officer in the morning to direct traffic, reduce the amount of traffic through this area from other people wanting to use it as a “shortcut” to the Interstate and speeders. Does anyone else have a better solution? I ask the residents in this area to get involved and speak out about this situation.

• Via e-mail: I would like to make a few points on the article regarding the HVA presentation given by Planned Parenthood. Having worked in the OB/GYN field for almost 25 years, I have seen both good and disheartening outcomes regarding young women (teens), pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease. Parents should be the first source of information on these topics. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and schools are often left with the uneasy discussion of this topic. Planned Parenthood is dedicated to providing accurate, honest, and careful knowledge regardless of the circumstances. I do believe someone “dropped the ball” on providing consent papers to the parents on this presentation, however. But the comments of the teenager and her mother show a lack of knowledge about Planned Parenthood and a desire to spread a personal negative view of the subject. To say that Planned Parenthood “has a complete and total contempt for parental rights” and that the organization “offers instruction and encouragement” is far from the truth. “That is where they make their money” is also a falsehood: it’s an organization to provide education (perhaps too late in some cases), and medical health services. They are NOT selling cars, here. Their website even has a section on all the parental-legal ramifications in all 50 states. I am so discouraged to see ignorance being advocated as the “right” way to handle a topic. Today’s youth are highly intelligent and capable of digesting information given to them honestly. Today’s political climate is not advancing an intelligent discussion of what our children need to live productive, fulfilling lives.

• Via e-mail: Re: Your annoying truck traffic issue article. Yes we definitely don’t want those pesky delivery people ruining the contrived serenity that is “Farragut.” Just where do you think all of that “stuff” you fill your homes with comes from anyway? The mentality to just “ASSUME” that every truck passing through the holy land of Farragut is either overweight or over hours is such a “classist” statement. Put another hard working backbone of America, hard working all American truck driver out of work; so that you can sit on your thrones and complain about how much more it costs to fill up your carbon inducing, gas guzzling Tahoes. Better yet; lock up the gate and become self-reliant and grow your own food, plant a forest for your own lumber, buy a couple of cows and chickens for milk and eggs; this way you no longer will have to “put up” with such unpleasant things in your “backyard.” Ticket those who deserve it and let everyone else do their jobs.

Editor’s Note: As the story indicated, there is no issue with trucks making delivery or doing business in the town of Farragut. The issue is with trucks that are passing through Town avoiding scales and check points. Otherwise, operating in violation of the law.

• Via e-mail: There is one simple solution for the calming islands, red light cameras and trucking jake braking dilemmas in Farragut. Once Farragut gets rid of all traffic-controlling signs, structures and technologies, then the laws won’t even apply to us! Folks will do the right and moral things just because it is common sense to do so.

• Via USPS: If [State Rep.] Ryan Haynes’ [R-District 14] greatest accomplishment is complaining about the red lights on intersections that do need to have controls, I suggest we see if his voting record needs a red light. Or maybe he and the people [who] complain should get red-light lessons. They save accidents. [sic]


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