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• I’m traveling on Campbell Station [Road] this evening, and four cars have passed me. I am going 45 miles an hour. When are we going to have a speed limit sign put between Kingston Pike and the Interstate? There doesn’t seem to be any in that area. It used to be, the speed limit was 40, but now it’s unknown. Please help us.

Editor’s Note: According to Farragut ordinances and signage unless otherwise posted, the speed limit on Farragut streets is 25 mph.

• First, I want to say I did find the cartoon in this week’s farragutpress about the red-light cameras and turning on red rather amusing. I got a good chuckle out of it until I was leaving the post office Saturday afternoon and was on Municipal [Center] Drive and there was a car in front of me, and we both came up and the light was red to turn left onto Campbell Station [Road] toward Kingston Pike. And this person, I saw them look both ways, and they turned left against the red light. He didn’t stop; barely slowed down. Now, there is no red-light camera there, but this is the kind of person who has a mentality of people who keep calling in and complaining about the red-light cameras; that they don’t have to obey the law. They don’t respect our community; they don’t respect the people who live in it and they sure don’t care about anyone’s safety — even their own. And I did not vote for [State] Rep. [Ryan] Haynes [R-Dist. 14], and I’m very glad I didn’t, considering he wants to have that idiotic bill put into place about turning on red lights. Leave it alone. Unfortunately, our society has got [to] the point where a lot of us cannot be counted on to use common sense and do the right thing.

• Fort West subdivision park, industrial park. Barking dogs a nuisance? What about the guy that runs a furniture business out of his garage seven days a week? Silence the saws. 

• I just finished reading the article “McFee Park Contractor Penalized” and wanted to comment on Mr. [Alderman John] Williams’s comparison of managing his front office staff in his doctor’s office to that of the McFee contractor’s [Christopoulos & Kennedy] management of the park construction, which is more complicated and complex and multifaceted. A contractor manages independent subcontractors, perhaps more than one, [inaudible] local, state and federal rules and regulations, which can conflict and compete, as well as independent suppliers and shippers of products. Mr. Williams, let’s compare apples to apples, not apples to apple pie.

• I found Mr. Williams’s comments in the article “McFee Park Construction” [sic] to be condescending and inflammatory. I am thankful for McFee Park and the efforts of the local construction company and do agree there should be a penalty for not finishing the project on time, but not a penalty that might close the doors of a local business.

• Good morning. Today is Wednesday, Feb. 23, and it is Lyn Bales’s birthday from Ijams Nature Center. I know from time to time the ’press presents some of his columns regarding Ijams. So I don’t know if, at this late date, there’s any way to get him a happy birthday wish in for tomorrow, but I hope so. Thank you.

Editor’s Note: Happy Birthday wishes for Lyn Bales arrived after last week’s farragutpress had gone to our printer. Happy Birthday, Lyn.

• Via e-mail: I use [sic] to shop in your Town about all the time. I am retired from Oak Ridge. I am 65, and since one Christmas a couple of years ago I got a red-light ticket for making right hand turn. I was stopped behind [another] car and when he went they [sic] was nothing coming and so I went. Your ticket read “R. Turn on red at 9 mph.”: So I stopped all my shopping there. I no longer shop there. I also no longer go to Turkey Creek. I know about the light fixing to go in there. I also no longer go to Oak Ridge. So you can say they do hurt your business some. I use to shop at your Ingles and Kroger most weeks, but no more. This is just a fact. You can print, but I bet you want [sic]. When traffic camera goes I come back with my grandkids, not until.

• Via e-mail: I am writing to inform all the citizens of Farragut that the children at the Farragut Intermediate School have now had two out of their five recesses per week revoked for more chair, pencil and paper time. I have spoken directly to the administrators telling them that I will not support this. I have already started withdrawing my kids at this time of day and taking them to the park to play. For the last two to three months it has been too cold or snowing to go out. Why did this administration wait until SPRING to add more study to the curriculum? Our schools are failing our kids ... gee, I wonder why?

• Via I have two children that attend Farragut Intermediate [School]. FIS has decided to take away our children’s recess twice a week to have them study more. They just went through winter where they didn’t go out very often and now that the weather is beautiful they are told they need more time to study so they do well on the [Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program] tests. Did the principal have any child development training? Even adults are encouraged to get up and take walks to get the blood flowing. They have short attention spans and lots of energy. These children will do much better if they are allowed their recesses. They don’t get any time to play at lunch here, that leaves one opportunity for free play a day and now twice a week it’s gone. Shame on Farragut Intermediate.

• Via e-mail: OK, I think the point of contention with the red-light cameras has drifted. Is someone who runs the light breaking the law? Yes. Is someone who rolls, ever so slowly on right while considering traffic conditions a bad driver? No. I see a lot of sensible drivers do this often, including police and emergency personnel. The issue to me is more a question of whether our Town is disguising revenue collection as law enforcement, and a question of being held accountable by machines. There are lots of laws on the books that if enforced by machines would encumber sensible people every day, disrupt our society, and run the risk of creating a police state. It’s not about the law. It’s about liberty, using common sense, and about Town officials finding a new way to raise money and calling it something else ... I say if we want to know how the people want to be governed, put it to a vote and let us decide. This is a democracy, right? I for one hope to see the red-light cameras on the next round of balloting. My vote will be a resounding NO!

Editor’s Note: The United States of America is a republic. A republic is a form of government in which there are laws that limit the powers of government. The United States is not a democracy. A democracy is where the majority rules. This is often without regard for the rights of the minority. For example, in a majority rule democracy, the majority could decide it did not want a particular religion and therefore ban its practice.

• Via I used to ride my bike to and from work, about 10 miles each way. There were a number of us, male and female, young and old. I remember one fellow who rode about 30 miles each way and another, in his late 60s, who did about 15 miles. There were no bike racks, and it never occurred to anyone that they were needed. There were plenty of poles and railings, which served the purpose nicely. What we did need was a shower (which we had at work) and plenty of bikeways, either separate lanes or trails. There were never enough of these.

• Via e-mail: As a person who walks and has almost been run over by a Loudon County driver making a rolling stop at a red-light intersection in Farragut, I say keep the cameras and it’s a shame cameras can’t be at all intersections in Farragut. The woman driver who almost ran me down never looked right and never slowed down. I had a legal crossing signal. If this had been a child or someone who didn’t know not to trust drivers in Farragut, this would have been a fatality.


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