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• I am shocked, yes, shocked, to learn that a local developer won’t be keeping the promises they made to the [Farragut Municipal] Planning Commission about the Farragut Flea Market. This is an outrage. After all the breaks and special considerations the city agreed to in writing, at least the developer could have kept the few verbal promises extracted in return. What? You mean the developer wasn’t obligated to keep his word about those pretty pictures? Why didn’t anyone tell the commissioners? No — you mean they were told? Maybe this is the definition of “business friendly”: don’t worry about promises, wink, wink, and don’t forget the flea powder.

• We are certainly happy we have a good paper to read in the farragutpress. I know the paper from up in Knoxville has at least six or eight sports writers. They cannot even get the TV lineups listed correct[ly] on their stations. They say the games will be played. This gives us enough reason to stop buying this piece of junk. It’s not as good as the old grit that used to be on the market.

• My neighbors and I just came in from the rain after spending three hours picking up trash from the roadsides of our community. It is pitiful to see how trash is accumulated on our streets. Please help us keep this town we live in beautiful and trash-free. I also ask that others get out and pick up debris in your area of our city. Thank you.

• Hello. I would like to point out the Editor’s Note in the most recent edition of the newspaper that the fact the United States is a republic does not overrule the fact that we use a representative democracy in the terms of the way we make our laws. So the fact we are a republic doesn’t mean that democracy isn’t part of our government. It’s a representational democracy, where, in fact, the majority does rule. And that’s why it’s so important when the Republicans or Democrats take control of the House or Senate. If, in fact, the majority didn’t rule, then it wouldn’t make a difference, but the fact is, the majority does rule. Democracy is a very big part of our government, regardless of the fact that we live in a republic.

• Yes, hey, I was just driving along Kingston Pike and I noticed a bevy of little, I guess you’d call them “promotional signs” along the “Taj Mahal” Kroger [Marketplace] shopping center. One is for real estate for sale, one is for a haircut sale. And I just thought that was kind of interesting. If you try to put up a sign for a yard sale, the sign police come along and snatch it, post haste. Or if the Farragut little league tries to put out a sign that says, “Hey, come on y’all, we’re doing sign-ups,” same thing. I guess it really boils down to there’s some monkey business going on in the sign industry in Farragut. Or perhaps it’s just a case of who you know.

• Yes, I have a comment on the Editor’s Note talking about the United States being a republic, which it is. The example used about the majority ruling to get rid of a particular religion — that’s why there is separation of church and state, so this was not a very good example. But if people want to get rid of the red-light cameras, all they need to do is vote out the people that are in office right now, and they can get rid of them. Thank you.

• I have a suggestion for the use of funds from the red-light cameras in Farragut and Knoxville. Since their intended purpose is to reduce accidents, it would seem that using these funds for the installation of a traffic light at the I-140 [Pellissippi Parkway]/Northshore [Drive] interchange, where a young life recently was lost, would be a fitting expenditure. I urge people to call their local representatives to support this cause.

• How many people care or don’t care if their generic medicine is made in China, Taiwan, South Korea, North Korea or Canada? At the same time, would you believe your MRI, X-rays, joint placement X-rays are being read and seen by doctors with a diagnosis some back, some coming back in [a] foreign language [that] cannot be read by doctors? This was told by a confident RN. Ask your pharmacy where the medicine is made; also ask your doctor where the X-rays are developed and read. Your generic medicine is supposed to be a cheap brand exactly like the name brand. If [there] weren’t a fortune being made in the drug business, there would not be a drug store on every corner. This tells everyone something. Your chain drugstores and independents is [sic] just nothing but rip-offs. Every business has a drugstore. We will certainly be glad when Costco’s comes to town; the sooner, the better.

• Via It is really sad that so many people are all about “me.” Regarding the red-light cameras I find it funny that so many people threaten to stop shopping in Farragut because we have a mechanism that helps with the safety of our drivers. All you have to do is obey the law. The cameras are not about revenue, they are all about safety. My 17-year-old son was killed in a T-bone accident several years ago. If the cameras save one life they’re worth it. I have a friend whose 12-year-old son was killed riding his bicycle across the street by someone who disregarded the red light while turning right. Sounds like we need something in place to make sure drivers make a total stop at a red light before turning right. I totally support Mike Reynolds and his decision not to open the road into Farragut High until an island or traffic light is installed in that area. He cares about those kids and wants to do everything possible to prevent another tragedy. A study was done several years ago when a couple of teens were killed in Powell. It was found that the area of the brain that controls response/

reaction time does not mature until about age 25. It also is a fact that a car going 60 miles per hour travels 88 feet in one second. Eighty-eight feet in one second, imagine that. You do the math (probably about 60 feet while traveling 40 mph). You take a high schooler trying to make a left turn across several lanes of traffic during a high traffic time could be very dangerous. I see so many parents complaining about the inconvenience it is to have to drive around the corner at Kingston Pike to drop their child off at school. Be thankful you have a child to drop off. I think provisions at the entrance to Farragut High are far more important than a signal at any of these subdivisions that have been discussed recently. We adults have many years of driving experience where the kids at Farragut High have just begun. I also support Ben Harkins and the great job he is doing monitoring the red-light cameras. I myself have gotten a ticket by turning too late on a red light, but I learned from it. I deserved it because I was a little careless at that intersection. Let’s all try to find something good about living in Farragut.

• Via e-mail: I have been following with interest how the Tennessee state legislature is trying its best to make red-light camera citations too cost prohibitive to continue. I especially found interesting the part that would require citations be hand delivered to the driver or car owners. If this passes, then I demand that the state legislators pass similar bills requiring all jury notices be hand delivered, as well as county use tax forms, all IRS notices and any government requests for information from citizens. For that matter, every government piece of paper mailed to citizens should be hand delivered by the agency issuing it. Anyone can see that this legislation is being proposed to stroke the politicians’ campaign contributors. On another note, with all the cutbacks states are doing to education budgets and such, when are the legislators going to cut their “premium” health insurance that commoners can’t afford and their salaries and staffs. It’s easy to cut others, but state and federal legislators should cut their money flow first.

• Via e-mail: I agree with the writer from last week’s presstalk. Let the citizens of Farragut vote on the red-light cameras. The editor’s note that the “United States is a republic ... not a democracy where majority rules ... without regard for the rights of the minority” is rubbish. Red-light cameras cannot be compared to issues like civil rights, religious rights or other individual freedoms that can be denied to minorities by the majority. That is an apples-to-oranges comparison. Everyone knows that the two main proponents of the red-light cameras are Ben Harkins and the farrugutpress. There are no oppressed minorities with this issue. This is a community wide issue.

• Via e-mail: To the writer who thinks his liberties are being eroded by having red-light cameras, please provide some reference in state, federal or constitutional law that says citizens have a “right” to break the law. I wonder how many of you red-light camera malcontents actually live, work or trade within the town of Farragut. I would guess very few.


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