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Kroger Marketplace pharmacy robbed at gunpoint

Joel Christian Parker, 32, was arrested and charged with aggravated robbery following after allegedly committing a robbery in Farragut Tuesday, March 8.

According to police records, victims and witnesses stated that a white male, Parker of Chesterfield Drive, Alcoa, armed with two fully loaded guns in holsters walked into the Kroger Marketplace at 189 Brooklawn St., approached the pharmacy window, jumped over the counter and brandished a gun.

He allegedly pointed the firearm at victims and witnesses while demanding roxicodone from the employees at about 5:36 p.m.

After getting medication, Parker jumped back over the counter and fled the store.

Kroger Pharmacy employee David Wallace and witness Caleb Scott followed him into the parking lot.

Two Knox County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived on the scene as Parker allegedly was running through the parking lot and was spotted by the officers.

The officers approached the suspect and identified themselves, ordering Parker to halt.

Parker then threw down the firearm in his hand and opened the bottle containing the drug, put it into his mouth and began swallowing the pills.

After a brief scuffle, Parker was taken into into custody.

Parker was transported by Rural Metro to Mercy West Hospital for observation, since he had taken some of the medication he had allegedly stolen.

He presently is being held at the Knox County Sheriff’s Detention Facility on bonds totalling $86,000.

Charges pending include aggravated robbery, unlawful possession of a firearm (felon), attempted aggravated robbery and vandalism.

Parker had on his person two fully loaded guns, each with a round in the chamber, one holstered on his shoulder and the other on his hip. In addition, he had extra magazines in his pocket and a knife around his neck.


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