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Propery Tax

I read in your paper that the town of Farragut anticipates an increase in income in 2011. On the outgoing side of the ledger, non-profits and civic organizations are asked to submit proposals and apply for grants from the Town treasury. New parkland has been purchased and improved. Road projects and extensions are in the works. Other capital works are on the table. More landscape work is proposed on the Grigsby Chapel [Road] calming islands. I am led to believe that the town of Farragut is in great shape and has surplus to spend.

Then I read that our Town administrator brought up the topic of implementing property taxes. We also learn how raising and applying fees, licenses and taxes to nearly every activity will increase the amount of money available for the Town to spend. The seed is planted, just think, if we raise taxes and fees we will be able to do so much more. Real estate property taxes will enable us to do even more.

It was reported that studies show that we underpay our Town employees, although their fully paid benefits exceed the norm offered in the private sector. Correcting pay scales will cost money. Although, in today’s economy just having a job is a valuable item. Next we have the proposed Community Center, which is estimated will cost in excess of $13 million.

Debt will grow. So will your taxes. Is this what we want? This is not what I want. Not in this economy! The town of Farragut is in good shape. If the proposed Community Center is built we will not only have the debt and the cost of interest to service that debt but we will also have the costs to run and maintain the center. These are ongoing costs and will require more money which means more taxes — think real estate taxes — more licenses and higher fees for all.

I suspect that my opinion will not be well received by some but this is what 79 years of living has taught me.

Donald R. Larson


Well, well, well as the sage [sic] Yogi Berra said, “It’s dejá vu all over again.” It had to happen. No matter who we elect they and the “do gooders” soon start a campaign to tax and spend.

farragutpress Thursday March 31, 2011, “... cut back on grants,” “Town staff under paid,” “community center top CIP discussions” and finally “Property Tax proposal ... revenue shortfall ...” .

All in this one issue. Wow! So we need to spend more so we have a reason to tax more. The last time I checked Knoxville’s debt was almost 100 percent of its budget and how many other governments local, state and federal are bankrupt. Well, we in Farragut cannot be left out of this outstanding company. We must as soon as possible spend and tax ourselves into the same corner as everyone else don’t we?

We must have a civic center. Any self respecting community must have one, which will only, at best, be used by 1 percent of the citizens of Farragut and paid for by 100 percent of taxpayers. But it only will cost $13m. ...

Surprise, surprise, Springsted Inc. found that our Town employees are underpaid. What do you expect from a company whose business is to do surveys for governments? Did one of them ever find government employees were overpaid? ...

I love living in Farragut and do not desire to live anywhere else. Let us not destroy a good thing by foolish spending and taxing.

Ted Ryan



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