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No surprises
Unopposed candidates Honken, LaMarche elected to office with record low vote

In an expected outcome, current Farragut Vice Mayor Dot LaMarche and newcomer Ron Honken were elected to seats on Farragut’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

Each was running unopposed.

The turnout for the election was unusually low. One hundred-sixteen people voted overall. Thir-y seven voted on election day: 34 for Honken and three for LaMarche. Seventy-nine people voted in early and absentee voting: 37 for Honken and 42 for LaMarche.

“I’m very disappointed in the turnout. Even though you run unopposed, you would hope that people would come out and show support that you have already served the Town eight years,” LaMarche said.

“I feel sad over it,” she added.

This will be LaMarche’s third term. Honken has served on Farragut Municipal Planning Commission.

Honken and LaMarche are the final Farragut officials to be elected before term limits go in effect in 2014.

Farragut voters approved term limits by a landslide in November last year. The term limits will apply only to officials elected after 2014, and will limit officials to three terms total, and only two terms in any one office (as a mayor or as an alderman).

It won’t apply retroactively, meaning anyone who has served before 2014 will still be eligible to run for three terms after 2014, just as if he’d never served in elected office before.

Honken and LaMarche also are the last to be elected in the spring; the next election in 2014 will be aligned with Knox County’s election day in August as a cost-saving measure.

Honken said, “I’m not coming in with any kind of special agenda. I think, overall, the town of Farragut is in pretty good condition.”

But Honken said he was keeping in mind the Town was 30 years old, and much of the Town’s infrastructure was aging too and could need upgrades in the future.

Honken also said future revenue projections needed to be addressed as the Town grows and has more demands.

“There are some misconceptions about the revenue base that the town of Farragut has, and really it’s not a large number,” he added.

LaMarche said she hoped to keep the Town on a “fiscally sound” path and to improve the Town’s business-friendly outlook.


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