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Camera enforced intersection ahead
Campbell Station, Grigsby Chapel roads, Parkside Drive cameras set to go live

They’re coming.

Farragut will install its next pair of red-light cameras along Campbell Station Road in the coming week, and the cameras will begin issuing warning citations at 12:01 a.m., Monday, May 2.

“The construction is in process right now. They have all the poles and stuff up, and they’re putting the computer equipment in this week,” Ben Harkins, Farragut’s photo enforcement manager, said.

The cameras then will enter a test phase before going live for a 30-day warning period beginning Monday, May 2. The cameras will begin recording citations in earnest Wednesday, June 1. The fine for a red-light camera violation is $50. The ticket does not affect a driver’s record.

The tickets are screened by Redflex and then reviewed by local law enforcement, which decides whether or not to issue a citation.

“These will be the same as the other intersections,” Harkins said of the camera system, installed by Redflex.

The cameras will cover all lanes — right turn, left turn and straight through — on northbound and southbound Campbell Station Road. The cameras are triggered by in-ground sensors that measure vehicle speed and road placement.

All vehicles must stop behind the white stop bar, Harkins said.

“State law requires drivers to come to a full and complete stop before crossing the stop bar. ... That means their tires need to completely stop turning in order to be ‘stopped,’” he added.

According to Harkins, he’s not looking for a minimum or maximum time for a vehicle to be stopped — he’s just looking for the complete stop.

“Once they’re stopped, they’re stopped,” he said.

Harkins said drivers who receive a citation should review their alleged violation online at the web address provided on their ticket.

“If they receive a citation, we ask they please use the Internet to view their video to make a determination and look at it before they decide what course of action they want to take,” Harkins said.

“That would prevent a lot of heartache for people,” he added.

The Campbell Station Road cameras were not installed with the rest of the system because of the road-widening project along CSR that was completed at the end of last year.

“They were actually supposed to be in 16 months ago ... but the town of Farragut officials decided to wait because it was the right thing to do,” Harkins said.

Farragut officials didn’t want motorists to be confused by the changing lanes that are part of road construction, he added.

Harkins said the Town also has verified the timing of the yellow caution lights at that intersection, and said they all measure at four-second long durations. State law requires yellow lights last three seconds.

Signs warning motorists that the Campbell Station/Grigsby Chapel intersection is now monitored by red-light cameras also will be installed in the next week or two, Harkins said, after installers verify the placement of underground utilities.

Farragut’s other red-light cameras are installed at Concord Road and Kingston Pike, Smith Road and Kingston Pike and Campbell Station Road and Kingston Pike.


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