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• I was jut wondering if anybody in the Shiloh Condominiums or Belleaire subdivision had been notified by the First Baptist Church of Concord if they’re making any plans to repair the privacy fence that sits on Belleaire Drive next to Shiloh Condominium property. It was obviously very beaten up by the hail storm and there are parts of it that are sagging and look like it’s in the process of getting ready to fall over. From what I understand, this thing was supposed to be painted years ago when it was put up, and never was. Does the town of Farragut have any comments?

• I live in 37934. That is on my address; I use Farragut and it confuses me why other people use Knoxville. I can’t vote in Knoxville. I can only vote in Knox County or Farragut. So I believe we ought to continue using Farragut as our address. Thank you very much.

Editor’s Note: Not all addresses in 37934 are in Farragut town limits. Incorporated Farragut does not have its own ZIP Code. Most Farragut residents live in 37934, but not all; and some who live in 37934 do not live in Farragut.

• Via e-mail: Why not use the windfall money obtained from the profits of the red-light ticketing to finance a siren warning system? These sirens could issue a loud announcement prior to an impending emergency. How can we press our Farragut local government to supply the funds and manpower to see that its citizenry are warned of coming storm[s] and other disasters before they arrive to cause loss of life? Many lives can be saved with an early warning to seek immediate shelter. Minutes count. Could the Farragut Press please take the lead to influence our local government to place the safety of our community above other projects? Thank you for any assistance you can offer. We need a disaster warning system now.

• Via e-mail: I read with interest about Costco coming to the area. I wonder what incentives or motivations may have been presented to Costco to move into existing, empty facilities (old Kroger, old Red Food/Ross the Boss) versus destroying limited green areas for a new building.

Editor’s Note: The property for the proposed Costco is privately owned, not public land, and zoned for commercial development.

• Via e-mail: Why doesn’t the Farragut community have civil defense sirens to help protect us from tornadoes? With the recent bad weather here in East Tennessee and across the nation, I believe it should be considered. Perhaps the money raised from the red-light cameras could be used to fund this project.

• Via e-mail: I seen [sic] this morning they shut down a pain clinic in Knoxville. Why is Farragut let[ting] a drug clinic operate right in our Town, there ha[ve] been complaints, but nothing done. It’s at the corner of Thornton Heights subdivision and Kingston Pike. I think it’s too close to our neighborhood. I see the KAT bus bringing people in, they are standing around outside, it operates six days a week, all day long. And for the most part, if I wanted to live in the rough part of town, that’s where I would be, not in Farragut. Thornton Heights subdivision residents need to know what is going on in their neighborhood. I worry about my kids and home due to this activity going on.

• Editorial freedom is a wonderful concept, but it does come with its responsibilities. With that in mind, the farragutpress has developed policies that will be followed regarding the publication of presstalk comments:

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• farragutpress reserves the right not to publish any comment for any reason.

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