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• Via I live in Farragut and my water company, as [it] did last year, had a section on my bill that states, “There is a $50 charge added to your bill to cover the test cost” for testing my backflow device. Last year I watched and it took 30 seconds to drive from my neighbor’s to my home, five minutes of work and then another 30 seconds. At this rate that is $500/hour. Qualifications are a 40-hour course, a fee and equipment totaling $1,600. Why does it cost $50 and why are there no competitors? They had no comment! Surprise!

• Via e-mail: The minutes of a recent meeting of the Board of one of our fine subdivisions directed the secretary to initiate management company action toward a resident to terminate her use of the garage as a living room, nursery, etc., and to return the garage into compliance with restrictions, including the ability to park two vehicles and keeping the door closed. Upon reading the minutes delivered to her home, she was shocked, hurt and embarrassed to learn of the impending action. Due to unfortunate circumstances, her son and his four-month-old son, moved in with her. Her every thought has been focused on this child and his well-being and not on restrictions. She is truly sorry. A personal contact before printing would have been appreciated. Where is the compassion for our neighbors?!

• Via I love living in Farragut, but something MUST be done about all the speeders and unsafe drivers. People regularly drive 20+ mph over the speed limit, pull right out in front of you, angrily ride your bumper, pass on double yellow, all while eating and/or talking on their cell phones. I have lived here almost 6 years, and I have never seen 1 car pulled over in Farragut for a moving violation. Meanwhile, I witness 10+ infractions daily on my short 5 minute commute. Since Farragut doesn't have a small police force (why?), I would like to know how we can get the Knox county police to patrol our streets and make them safe. I live in Farragut on Redmill/Midhurst where the posted speed limit is 25 mph. This residential neighborhood has many hills, curves, blind spots, pets and children. It has no sidewalks, so any people or animals take their life into their own hands by being on this road; as evidenced by the half-dozen dead squirrels that litter the road daily. I have to drive to Anchor Park to walk, because I was almost run over by out of control drivers two out of the four times I tried to walk on Redmill. Many non-residents of the neighborhood use this road as a cut through from Turkey Creek Road to Kingston Pike, regularly driving 20-30+ mph OVER the speed limit on our residential street! Speed bumps would greatly reduce the traffic and speeding if we "can't afford" police patrols, but something must be done. We have money for parks, the business alliance, and apparently a bank for every 12 residents, but we do not have one officer assigned to police our streets. It seems everyone knows this; driving like they own the road, entitled, with no care about the safety of others; probably many of the same people that oppose red light cameras. Please provide contact information for Farragut residents to request traffic monitoring of our streets. They are becoming more unsafe every year. Also, can you please provide West Knoxville traffic accident and moving violation statistics? Farragut is such a wonderful place to live, but we deserve much safer streets! Thank you for giving citizens a voice.

Editors Note: Farragut does not have traffic enforcement or a police force. Farragut is patrolled by Knox County Sheriff's Office deputies; KCSO phone number is 865-215-2444.

• Via With the 4th of July looming just ahead it won't be long before all the bad parents rush out to buy their big jumbo boxes of oh so pretty fireworks to put on a noisy show for the kiddies; along with their show of disrespect for the law in Farragut. You bad parents out there are unwittingly teaching your families and friends how to be above the law and that the law doesn't matter because it's a dumb law in the first place? Mr. Police please come to my Sedgefield Subdivision as the sun sets during the last part of June — mid July where you will find many opportunities to write out some tickets to these naughty adults breaking the law nightly. Mr. Mayor if you are reading, please do something this year to reinforce the law! Perhaps with a weeks worth of evening activities where people could gather in 'our' Community Center might help provide entertainment for Farragut so they would not feel the need to take measures to find entertainment that could turn deadly! I'm wondering if now that the Police have information as to where to come first to enforce the law, maybe the problem will be rectified, at least in my little corner of the world, gee do you think it's possible, I sure hope so, oh and good luck [sic].

• Via With regards to the comments last week about the Pain Clinic on Kingston Pike near the Thornton Heights subdivision seeing the KAT bus dropping them off there, the reader might want to check to see if he has been taking some of their medicine because KAT doesn't operate any buses on Kingston Pike in Farragut. The 102x operates only on Campbell Station and Parkside within the town limits, nowhere near the site of the Pain Clinic. The editor needs to [do] fact checking on all of these easily researched pieces of public records.


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