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• I must have missed it. Exactly when did Farragut fall through the rabbit hole and become an “Alice in Wonderland” fantasy world where illogical nonsense has become the norm? We have business people claiming that if the Town awards a recycling contract to the lowest bidder it would be “anti-competitive” because it would give an advantage to the business that can “do it the cheapest.” Wow. Who would have thought that performing a service for less would be a bad thing? But that’s nothing compared to our local state representative, who is proud of passing a state law that makes it impossible to enforce a state traffic law that protects pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers. Mr. [Ryan] Haynes apparently took the red pill, causing his brain to shrink, squeezing out that speck of gray matter needed to weigh the health, safety and welfare of his constituents against the bluster of the vocal minority who don’t wish to be penalized for breaking the rules. And true to form, the newly-elected Red Queen couldn’t muster the courage to veto it.

• I just read the headlines on your farragutpress this week about the state bill to change the right on red. That is the most ridiculous thing I have heard of. We can’t let people who are not interested in driving correctly and ignorant people who don’t understand the driver’s education they were supposedly taught, and tests they were given, we can’t let them determine how we enforce things. I live near Grigsby Chapel [Road] and Campbell Station [Road] and I’m telling you, it’s a lot safer place to drive now. It’s still dangerous; you’ve still got idiots out there that won’t obey the law, but I for one, and most people in this area are for these laws, for these cameras. I think everything is improved since we got the cameras. I, for one, am going to keep this article and I’m going to keep who voted for this. And I hope [Gov.] Bill Haslam will not sign it. I hope that there are a lot of people who feel like this. Thank you very much.

Editor’s Note: Gov. Haslam did sign the bill into law Monday, June 6, not in time to be included in the original story in print. To read the updated story, visit

• I would just like to make a comment. I just drove into the Thornton Heights subdivision to the Concord United Methodist Church and counted at the pain center 52 cars and trucks. This is across the street from Sir Goony’s Putt Putt where children go all summer and only a few hundred feet from the residential home for elderly people. Please, please someone look into this situation. Thank you.

• What is it with traffic safety and these crazy politicians lately? [Alderman] Bob Markli can’t calculate a percentage over who’s for and who’s against speed bumps [in Saddle Ridge subdivision] while [Alderman] Ron Honken makes up stories about speed bumps causing cars to careen out of control. Makes you wonder just how fast he drives and if he’s ever driven his kids to Farragut schools. Slow down, pay attention and use some common sense for a change. Thank you.

• Via e-mail: Received a response from my water company for why there is a $50 fee for testing my backflow unit even though it is easily accessible. Paraphras-ing … Other homes require multiple trips or their backflow is in a hard to reach area (or dogs?), which takes more time. This is why I pay more than it costs for my backflow to be tested? If this was a real business they would lose all their customers with easy units since they are being penalized and overcharged and be out of business. How about they charge for the time it takes per unit? Who thought the current billing system sounded fair?

• Via e-mail: When did the town of Farragut decide to wage war on its elderly women? Last week, an elderly woman of 90 years of age was brutally attacked by our very own Farragut Board of Zoning Appeals. She was asked to get Fox Den Homeowners Association to approve her request for a cover to her porch by the Town Codes Enforcement. The Fox Den HOA approved the cover, but the town of Farragut turned it down due to a setback of several feet. The other night at the Town Hall a meeting was held for a land variance by Appeals Board chairman Merton Ives. At this time, Mr. Ives [allegedly] commenced a verbal attack on a woman barely able to stand without aid of her walker. Further, Ives should be especially embarrassed for telling [the woman] that her appeal was denied but “she could sit on his porch anytime she wanted.” The [Board] all but told her not to waste [its] time anymore with such petty matters. Further, it should be noted that Ted Scotes serves on both the Farragut Board of Zoning Appeals and Fox Den HOA. Ted Scotes, Cleve Porter, Mark Shipley and Keith Alley were present, but only showed approval with Mr. Ives’ comments.

• Via presstalk@farragutpress

.com: Does anyone know if Farragut was approved for keeping backyard chickens? All I can find is in June 2010 it was approved for Knoxville City limits? Does that include Farragut is the question? When you say you live in Farragut most will say “Oh, Knoxville” so I’m wondering if I can have chickens? I don’t even know where the right place is to seek this answer, so I’m asking all of my presstalk friends. Hmmm? So thanks.

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