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DANCO response

As a corporate officer of Danco, Inc., the contractor on the $1.28 million Phase One project at McFee Park, I feel I must respond to the comments attributed to Mr. Thomas Hale in the June 2 farragutpress. Mr. Hale stated that the Town “came away with a $72,000 judgment … and the Town agreed to pay back $13,000 to Danco, because of repair work done by Town staff came in $13,000 less than estimated when originally withholding the $85,000.”

I can only hope Mr. Hale was misquoted, because he should know that this statement is at the least misleading. It implies that the Town voluntary agreed to pay us the $13,000 when in fact Mr. Hale, as the Town attorney, vigorously fought it in court. The Town’s position all along was that their actual costs, when considering overhead, were in excess of $85,000. Since the Town had already deducted $85,582 from the $1.28 million final contract amount, and had no intention of ever paying it, the judgment actually resulted in a $13,958 net payment from the Town to our company.

Although disappointed, we fully accept the judge’s ruling. However, as anyone who has ever been to court knows, what is legal, and what is right, or even makes sense, is not necessarily the same thing. For example, although we and our subcontractors believed that the large soccer field did meet the contract specifications, from the outset of the dispute we were fully willing to bring the field up to the Town’s satisfaction, all at no cost to the Town. The disagreement involved the method by which the field should be improved.

Additionally, Mr. Hale failed to mention in his comments that our large soccer field, which the Town dug up in September of 2008, was a far superior playing field than the one installed by the Town the following month. Sadly, the entire dispute was unnecessary and avoidable.

What would have been the result if the Town had not intervened as it did? For the taxpayers, a savings of $13,958 plus the cost of two years of litigation. For the patrons of McFee Park, a better soccer field.

Jim Daniel


The Daniel Company (DANCO), Inc.

Never give up

I’m writing today to share a great story about never giving up.

I was the coach of a 4-7-year-old girls softball team in Farragut/Concord. I’m a first time coach and, although I had played the game my whole life, knew I would have to learn on the fly.

My team was made up of girls that put a glove on for the first time at our first practice to girls that had played for multiple years. We were pretty average all season even though our regular season record was only 2-8. We had lost multiple games by one or two runs. With this record, my team was pretty down on themselves and really needed a lift.

The end of the season at CBFO ends with a tournament. With the record we had, we were seeded eighth out of eight teams. We had to face the top seeded team (9-1) for the first game.

Unbelievably, my team pulled the upset of the season. In the semi-final game we faced the fifth seeded team (3-7). Again we defied the odds and pulled out another victory.

We were in the final game against the second seeded team (8-2). My girls beat this team, which had already beaten us twice during the regular season, by a score of 16-8.

I have never seen the amount of joy that I saw on those girls’ faces after that last out. It made, what was a very challenging season worth every minute that we invested in it.

This is something that these girls can take with them for the rest of their lives.

In my biased opinion, I had a team of rock stars and they proved it.

Thank you commissioner Don, coach Joe, my dedicated parents, and especially my talented team of champions.


David Cornett

Reds Head Coach

CBFO 4/7 League


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