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• I would also like to agree and share in the comments made by the lady two weeks ago about the Knox County Sheriff’s [Office] deputies placed outside of First Baptist [Concord] Church. They have been a problem for years. They get out there and they, like, have a little bit of power and go nuts. I’ve never seen somebody act so aggressive. Now, they’ve never kicked my car — not yet, anyway — but they just don’t seem to be coordinating what they’re doing. I’m sure there are a few good ones out there, but you know, one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. They get out there and just act crazy; it’s embarrassing, actually. And I think it could even be dangerous.

• Is there a law against having so many garage sales? The people in this small subdivision have already had about three this year. If not, they should be charged for a permit, like $100 each time they have one and also, in Bent Tree subdivision, all they do is shoot fireworks. And it doesn’t even have to be a holiday.

Editor’s Note: According to Town officials, there is no limit on the frequency of garage sales. However, it is unlawful to use fireworks in Knox County.

• Via e-mail: It is exciting to have a gift card/coupon/certificate to help take care of some of your check when you have just had a wonderful meal at one of our restaurants. But, please remember to tip your server based on the pre-discount amount. They did not discount their service to you and should be compensated accordingly.

• Via I would like to clarify one major controversial issue: to be “legally” in the United States of America does NOT require one to speak English. Both my mother and in-laws came into this great country, legally I would like to add, and did not speak English for some time. To say that one should speak English to reside/work here is absurd and to have this mentality is ignorant. These are hard times on ALL, there has been mass destruction all across the United States. I respect the fact that you did research on your roofers, but to say, “ ... shame on those homeowners who gladly turn a blind eye for their own self interest while harming that of the American worker in these especially hard times” is a bold, judgmental statement and in my life, there is only one who can judge, and you, dear neighbor, are NOT He.

• Via e-mail: I would like to take this opportunity to comment on the reader who talked ill of non-local roofing companies who hire workers who speak languages other than English on the jobsite. Your implication that the non-English speaking workers are not Americans is presumptive and invites racist fears. I had one of these crews do my roof and had the opportunity to speak to most of them in person (in English) and found them to be as American as you or I. Some have been in this country longer than others, but like our ancestors who came her [sic] from other lands, they want to work hard and provide for their families. Yes, they speak Spanish on the jobsite. They communicate more effectively with each other in that language, which is very important in a dangerous occupation like roofing. They also were wearing harnesses while on the roof, which is probably more the exception than the rule. The [sic] were professional, answered all my questions and did a fine job on my roof. They were contracted by a large multi-state firm that has a lot to lose if they subcontract to firms who don’t operate legally and safely. This firm will be sending out a subcontracted crew that speaks a different language yet to do my aluminum work. And don’t worry, they’ve been doing it for a couple decades in this country. Yes, it is a shame that we couldn’t get more local workers employed to repair the storm damage. However, if everyone operated that way, New Orleans would still be a disaster area even this long after Katrina. Please don’t judge the homeowners of Farragut based upon your false preconceptions of their hired help’s immigration status based upon their appearance and jobsite conversation. It is embarrassing to those of us who actually take the time to get to know the people doing the work and treat ALL people with the respect and dignity they deserve.

• Via e-mail: Re: Heather Mays’s article on the “FMPC makes changes to reduce speeding,” there is an obvious and glaring flaw in the logic behind this decision. While narrow and windy roads are more difficult to drive and therefore might reduce speed that is only a small part of the story for those who will live there. The unintended side effect will be that no parent will allow their children to walk or bicycle such a road knowing there is no room for both car and pedestrian on a road that has been planned to be barely passable by car alone. Having raised two kids in a Farragut subdivision with quite wide and straight streets I can attest to the concern when a car would pass by at normal speeds. Imagine the danger when the drivers are now required to concentrate more on navigating the curves without hitting the curbs and have less time/attention to react to a child walking the dog. Pedestrians would have to jump the curb onto a lawn every time a car came by, if they were lucky enough to hear one coming in time! So the FMPC has created a situation in which cars will possibly drive slower and where a fatal accident with a child is definitely increased. What parent would want to live in such a death trap subdivision?

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