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Residents appeal to Costco

Folks in Farragut and West Knox County have eagerly looked forward to Costco’s arrival for several years. However, Costco’s site selection at the corner of Kingston Pike and Lovell Road does cause concern for nearby homeowners

Heavy rains and associated flooding of Turkey Creek, which forms the northern boundary of the proposed Costco property, is already a major issue for residents of Ida Hertzler Lane.

A recent heavy rain in April produced 4.2 inches of rain (according to my gauge) within a few hours resulting in floodwaters literally at the doorsteps of two residences. And heavy rains producing flooding are coming more and more frequently, with 100-year floods seeming to occur every few years or so.

Our concern with Costco’s development of 22 acres immediately upstream from our homes is obvious. Unless detention ponds with excess capacity as well as other remedies proposed by the Town are implemented, downstream residential properties can be disastrously impacted.

Additionally, the site plan for the facility places the building on the western edge of the property and immediately adjacent to the homeowners along the east side of Ida Hertzler Lane.

Significant grading is planned, requiring movement of vast quantities of dirt from the east and south sides of the Costco property to the west and north sides of the property — to an extent that the fill at the northwest corner of the property is [about] 38 feet above the existing grade. This significant fill is to be supported by an enormous concrete retaining wall, the height of which varies along its length, but is 23-feet tall at its northern end.

The building, currently planned to be located near the northwest corner of the property, will be [about] 29 feet high on top of the 38-foot fill. And that doesn’t include structures of the roof.

From the perspective of the neighborhood, this is the equivalent of a six-to-seven-story structure!

Imagine having that within 150 feet of your home!

This major intrusion on the neighborhood could be significantly alleviated by locating the building nearer the east side of the property. Such a location would be near existing and proposed commercial property, well away from our residential neighborhood. This change would significantly reduce the impact on the only currently affected neighborhood and, significantly, would not reduce or impede Costco’s use of the property. It would also demonstrate Costco’s stated goal to be a good neighbor.

So, while we welcome Costco’s decision to choose Farragut for its new facility, they have quite literally chosen our back yards! Please be a good neighbor and help us maintain our quality of life and our neighborhood.

Richard Cawood


Thanks, Fox Den

Just wanted to thank the Fox Den Country Club for sponsoring [its] annual Fireworks Display on Monday night, July 4.

As always, it was a great show. Look forward to next year!

Thank you, Fox Den!

Ernest J. Schmidt



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