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• Does anybody find it interesting that our same state legislators who constantly complain about federal interference in [their] affairs are now trying to interfere with our local right to control whether or not we have red-light cameras? That seems to me to be a waste of their time and effort and an interference in local affairs.

• Yes. I was calling about the presstalk, the caller who called in about the garage sales. That’s just such a great idea to control our signs being torn down by the Town, and also, people who are running businesses out of their backyard[s]. So think about that, Farragut council, and think about doing the permit thing — only $5 and have a couple of yard sales a year at maximum. Also, I was calling about everybody’s comment about how hot it was and they wish at the Red, White & Blues festival it’d been a little cooler. I agree. If they could schedule it later in the evening, it’d be much more enjoyable. Thank you.

• It is absolutely a disgrace that our mayor and aldermen would let someone — and we know who — put 99 condos in front of Anchor Park and in the middle of the subdivisions. Anchor Park was one of the first parks in Farragut. It is used by many, many families daily: people walking, riding bicycles, leashing their dog[s] and other sidewalk people, kids fishing in the Anchor Park, picnicking and many other uses. [It has a] wonderful playground in this area for kids. These 99 condos would put an additional 300 cars on Turkey Creek Road. The south end of Turkey Creek Road was supposed to be widened and this has not happened. We invite all the subdivision people living near Anchor Park to attend the next mayor and aldermen meeting and let them know how we feel. Homes in this area [are] OK. I remember when several condo people wanted to build [inaudible] on Campbell Station [Road] and Sonja Drive, and this was stopped. The aldermen on the south side of Kingston Pike should help the people who live in this area because we’re the one[s] who elected them.

• Via e-mail: Now that there is reasonable compliance with stopping at red lights, the town of Farragut needs to turn attention to the other major traffic problem — speeding on the two Farragut race tracks aka Campbell Station Road and Kingston Pike. The most flagrant violations on Campbell Station Road occur in the stretch behind Kroger to Turkey Creek Road. Most violations on Kingston Pike occur from Smith Road to the town limits at Dixie Lee Junction. In both areas vehicles going 15-to-25 mph over the posted speed limit is common. If you drive either or both areas at the speed limit almost every car will zoom past you. The solution is technology. Yes — cameras. Technology is the most efficient and cost effective method. Of course any mention of technology to enforce speed limits will cause weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth from a few. Others will say they will not shop or drive through Farragut. That’s OK if they want to drive miles out of their way, Farragut is not going to dry up and blow away with the loss of their business. Why are some people so opposed to using technology to enforce the law when they use it in their personal life? Yes, cell phones, iPods, iPads, etc., etc., GPS, alarms in home and business, wireless Internet, etc.,etc., etc.

• Via presstalk@farragutpress

.com: While on The University of Tennessee campus recently I noticed signs for vehicles approaching several painted crosswalks “STATE LAW Vehicles stop for people in crosswalk.” Why doesn’t Farragut have those signs at the crosswalks on the Farragut Greenways at Grigsby Chapel and Village Green streets?

• Via presstalk@farragutpress

.com: I concur with last week’s caller about the cars parked in fire lanes in Farragut. As I was waiting for oncoming traffic to pass so I could move around the four cars parked in the fire lane at Kroger, I couldn’t help but wonder if the one SUV with its emergency flashers on at the produce-side entrance was parked there for an emergency watermelon run. I agree, though, something should be done if not for fire safety but to have an unimpeded traffic flow for all customers. You know, good customer service.

• Via presstalk@farragutpress

.com: I couldn’t help but notice a couple of Saturdays ago that it appeared as though someone off McFee Road was draining their swimming pool via a large hose directly into the storm-water system. Is it OK to put chlorinated water into the storm-water system? Doesn’t that chlorine go into the lake?

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