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Hallsdale Powell Utility District caps sewer volume

Many residents who live in the area served by Hallsdale Powell Utility District will see lower bills this summer, thanks to a pair of new policies from the utility.

While traditionally utility customers pay for the same volume of sewer treatment as water, Hallsdale Powell’s Board of Commissioners has voted to cap the sewer volume for residential customers at 7,500 gallons during July and August, down from the usual cap of 12,000. The billing system will automatically make the adjustment.

“We know that a lot of people water their lawns during the hot summer months,” said HPUD President and CEO Darren Cardwell. “That water mostly goes into the ground, not into our sewer system. So we put a new maximum in place, based on traditional and average use.”

The same logic led to the utility creating a sewer credit, in essence a reduction on their bill, for people who fill swimming pools. In most cases, that water also never goes into the treatment system. People who own pools need to contact HPUD at 922-7547. Once HPUD verifies that the pool is full, a sewer credit will be given. If the owner can’t verify the amount of water in the pool, they will be given credit for 1,500 gallons.

There are other ways people who water a lot can save money. “We encourage folks who use a lot of water to get an irrigation meter installed,” said Cardwell “The water that goes through that meter never even figures in to your sewer charges. It is a water-only purchase.”

Irrigation meters can be added for existing customers for $375 provided they have a backflow preventer or an air gap system.

First Utility District, which serves the town of Farragut, does not charge sewer fees during the summer for seasonal irrigation water.

No specific provision for swimming pools is included in FUD rates.


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